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Celebrating PAX with a Price Reduction! Featured Artist: Zach Puchowitz NEWS: Buy Online at The Glass House! Thanks for a Successful Weekend! Featuring: Dan P. Glass
Celebrating PAX with a Price Reduction!

Cheers to PAX on over 500,000 sales of their renowned loose-leaf vaporizer! In celebration of this milestone, we’re happy to announce a price reduction – beginning this Friday, February 20, you can purchase the PAX portable vaporizer for $209.99.

If you’re thinking of adding a more portable piece to your collection or if you’re planning to make the complete

Featured Artist: Zach Puchowitz

As we announced last week, The Glass House website now features an online shop with some of our most unique glass. We adore working with so many talented artists and want you to know a little more about the people behind the pieces.

Today, we’re looking

NEWS: Buy Online at The Glass House!

You can now make purchases from The Glass House online! We are thrilled to launch our new online shop – visit and click “Specials,” or go straight to


Thanks for a Successful Weekend!

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the grand opening of our third Glass House location this Saturday! (And, of course, to everyone who helped us celebrate Sean’s birthday in style!) Check out our Facebook page for photos of the shop, the winners of some AMAZING raffle prizes, and an epic glass-blowing

Featuring: Dan P. Glass

One of the best things about working at The Glass House? The culture and community (including you, our customers!). We’re surrounded by awesome people right here in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, but we’re also connected to a larger community of artists and advocates. Nothing beats it!

Today we want to give a shout-out to Dan P. Glass, a Michigan artist who has received international recognition

Toke of the Town:

Best Vape Temp?

Purchasing your first flower vaporizer can be an intimidating task, especially because the options multiply daily. At The Glass House, for example, you can find a vape pen small enough to fit in your pocket, a tabletop vaporizer with balloons to share with friends, and everything in between.

When you’ve decided what style piece works best for you – a choice we’re happy to help you with – it’s then time to learn the mechanics of the vape. Especially with pens, the key to the perfect vaporizer experience is temperature. At what temperature do you get the most bang out of your bud?

To answer the question, High Times conducted an experiment. They used an Herbalizer, which more...

Obama Tells Us About Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is an issue we feel pretty passionately about here at The Glass House. Duh. And it quietly impacts so many areas of society, it becomes all the more frustrating to deal with dissenters. As medicine, cannabis wins. It would be great for the economy and has already made bank in Colorado. We know the Drug War in America is a complete disaster. The population truly suffering at the hands of this drug? African American males, who are the most likely to be incarcerated on non-violent drug charges. In fact, the number is so disproportionate it’s embarrassing.

With all of these facts on the side of legalization/decriminalization, what is taking so damn long? Oh you know, politics.

In a recent interview with VICE magazine that you can watch in its entirety more...

Medical Marijuana for Pets?

Forget about medical marijuana for people. What about pets?!

Although we’re still working to legalize cannabis for adults 21 and over in ALL states, medical is legal in Nevada. Maybe this is what prompted Nevada State Senator Richard “Tick” Segerblom to submit a proposal to let owners obtain medical cannabis for their pets as long as their vet confirms it might help relieve the symptoms of a chronic or debilitating illness.

This leads us to ask, “is that a thing?” Medical marijuana for pets, that is. Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that the DEA warned against legal marijuana for the very reason that it might HARM pets? Ohhh, that was another one of their intimidation tactics? IT’S SO HARD TO TELL SOMETIMES.

Yes – medical marijuana for pets IS a thing. In fact, Canna-Pet was established in 2013 as the first legal and safe medical marijuana supplement more...

Dank Hops

Even if you’re just a casual beer drinker, you’ve probably heard hops referred to as “dank,” and maybe smelled a beer or two that reminded you of weed. This week, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, DC Brau Brewing Company in Washington D.C. released a green beer called “Smells Like Freedom.” Well, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and also in honor of decriminalized marijuana in DC!

This just reminds us of how much we love dank hops and the brewers who do too. Beer geeks look no further. Stoners, you check this out too. Our top 6 cannabeers:

  1. Lagunitas Censored (Petaluma, CA) – Lagunitas first tried to name this copper ale “Kronik.” Much to our dismay, the BATF didn’t like the marijuana reference and forced them to change it. Now there’s a “Censored” sticker slapped over it. Good enough?
  2. Dark Horse Smells Like more...