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COUNTDOWN TO 420 March Madness Tournament: Stoner Style! Featuring Local Artist Shahla Yma One for the History Books! WTF is a Nasal Ranger

It’s officially April, and the COUNTDOWN to 420 HAS BEGUN.

Now it’s time to ask the all important question – DO YOU HAVE 420 PLANS?!

If yes, CANCEL THEM and plan to hang with us at The Glass House! Unless your plans are to attend the Cannabis Cup in Denver. In that case, you’re an idiot if you cancel them. Go and report back.


March Madness Tournament: Stoner Style!

It’s March Madness, y’all! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you know what that means. All of a sudden, everyone you know is a college basketball fan – and they aren’t just fans, they’re EXPERTS. Everyone’s an expert.

Well, we know our customers, and we’re gonna make a pretty safe bet that even if they’re college basketball fans, there’s at

Featuring Local Artist Shahla Yma

Interested in checking out homegrown art from right here in Dallas Fort-Worth? Look no further than right here at The Glass House. We’re currently featuring artist Shahla Yma, and you’ll know immediately which paintings and prints are hers by their bold, vibrant colors and pop culture references. Shahla’s artistic focus

One for the History Books!

January 1, 2014 has come and gone. Over a dozen marijuana stores opened in Colorado on New Year’s Day, licensed by the state to sell up to an ounce for recreational use. Washington is reviewing over 300 applications for state licenses for marijuana stores expected to begin opening in the spring.

So, how were the first two and a half days of legalized recreational marijuana?

WTF is a Nasal Ranger

When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use, they forgot about one thing: that bud is dank, bro! The sweet, sweet smell of cannabis now wafting through the streets of quiet Colorado neighborhoods apparently doesn’t appeal to everyone. The solution? A not-so-little device called – get this – the NASAL RANGER. Sick.

Denver, Colorado literally has an odor ordinance,

Toke of the Town:

“Student death is first linked to legal marijuana in Colorado.” Now that’s a fear-mongering headline if we’ve ever heard one. However, 19-year old Levy Thamba did die March 11 after falling from a hotel balcony, apparently after consuming marijuana cookies purchased legally by a 21-year old friend in Denver.

This is confusing, though, isn’t it? While the media has been telling us crazy things about drugs for EVER, things that have often been disproven in later years, science tells us that not only does marijuana NOT kill, it’s actually also not all that dangerous…unless you’re a healthy child with a developing brain or unless you’re, you know, operating machinery. It’s not nearly as dangerous as cigarettes or alcohol, for instance, which our friendly reporters and legislators probably enjoy daily.

A number of renowned news more...

4-20: Less than a week away!

We can now count the days left till 4-20 on JUST OUR HANDS. We don’t need our toes and we hardly need a second hand… because there are only 6 days left!!!

If you live in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal, then screw you. J/K. But there are plenty of ways you can celebrate. If you live in Washington, you can go to Seattle Hempfest 420Fest. If you live in Washington or Colorado, you can party like only Snoop Dogg can – with the one and only Snoop Dogg. That’s right, he’s celebrating 4-20 this year with Wellness Retreats in Seattle and Denver. His slogan: “Inhale. Exhale. Relax.” OKAY SNOOP WE KNOW WHAT’S UP.

…read more…

The Best Stoner Move Ever Of All Time Is…

The March Madness championship that’s more exciting than Kentucky and the University of Connecticut? The Stoner Move Championship.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know we’ve come a long way to get here. We started with sixteen classic stoner movies and it wasn’t easy to see any of them eliminated through each round. Now, we’re down to the final two – Cheech & Chong’s UP IN SMOKE vs. the classic FRIDAY.

Let’s recap.

UP IN SMOKE (1978)
IMDB user rating: 7.0
Rotten Tomatoes: 38% tomatometer, 84% audience rating

Up in Smoke features the famous duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Duh. It’s regarded as one of the most classic stoner movies EVER, probably because it’s more...

Maryland Decriminalizes Marijuana

And another one bites the dust…Maryland lawmakers decided on Monday to decriminalize marijuana. Adults caught with less than 10 grams will now be issued a citation along the same lines as a traffic ticket. They will pay a $100 fine on the first offense, followed by increasing amounts on the second and third, but that’s about it – jail time will no longer be a possible outcome.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley was vocal about his intention to sign the law after its approval by the Maryland Senate on Monday. Known for being tough on crime, many may not have expected such a bold move. Previously, he’s been on the opposing side, fighting against decriminalization.

What caused Gov. O’Malley’s change of heart? In a statement he issued, he said:

As a young prosecutor, I once thought that decriminalizing the possession of marijuana might more...