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Thanks for a Successful Weekend! Featuring: Dan P. Glass Best MJ of 2014! Featuring Local Artist Shahla Yma One for the History Books!
Thanks for a Successful Weekend!

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the grand opening of our third Glass House location this Saturday! (And, of course, to everyone who helped us celebrate Sean’s birthday in style!) Check out our Facebook page for photos of the shop, the winners of some AMAZING raffle prizes, and an epic glass-blowing

Featuring: Dan P. Glass

One of the best things about working at The Glass House? The culture and community (including you, our customers!). We’re surrounded by awesome people right here in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, but we’re also connected to a larger community of artists and advocates. Nothing beats it!

Today we want to give a shout-out to Dan P. Glass, a Michigan artist who has received international recognition

Best MJ of 2014!

Over the weekend, lots of folks celebrated 4/20 at the 2014 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup. This was an exciting year for Denver and for High Times – it’s the first year High Times had the opportunity to host their event in a state where recreational marijuana use is actually legal. They go balls to the wall in Amsterdam. Now they get to do it in Denver too!


Featuring Local Artist Shahla Yma

Interested in checking out homegrown art from right here in Dallas Fort-Worth? Look no further than right here at The Glass House. We’re currently featuring artist Shahla Yma, and you’ll know immediately which paintings and prints are hers by their bold, vibrant colors and pop culture references. Shahla’s artistic focus

One for the History Books!

January 1, 2014 has come and gone. Over a dozen marijuana stores opened in Colorado on New Year’s Day, licensed by the state to sell up to an ounce for recreational use. Washington is reviewing over 300 applications for state licenses for marijuana stores expected to begin opening in the spring.

So, how were the first two and a half days of legalized recreational marijuana?

Toke of the Town:

Christians for Michele Bachmann

It’s important to educate ourselves and others about marijuana use and the science behind it, but sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. Politicians and conservative groups continue to speak out about the (false) dangers of cannabis and refuse to listen to science or reason.

It’s annoying to see the fear-mongers gaining ground. So, in the midst of attempting to educate and advocate, we also can’t help but throw a few jokes in at their expense. That’s why we follow the Christians for Michele Bachmann Facebook page. Okay, is that a little politically incorrect? No, it’s a lot politically incorrect. But it’s hilarious.

For instance, one of their photos went viral and appeared on Doctors TV – it featured a girl in zombie makeup with the headline, more...

The Smoker’s Club

It’s always nice to see the smart people at NPR writing about marijuana. This month, they published an article about the Smoker’s Club, the community of musicians and individuals both young and old that cross weed culture and rap. They’ve been around since the 1990’s, beginning with rappers like Redman, Method Man and Snoop Dogg. Now names like A$AP Ferg are joining the growing group.

In November, the Smoker’s Club hosted the World Wide Rollers Tour (pun intended), ending in Times Square after 35 performances. NPR says that backstage, the up and coming A$AP Ferg exchanged dabs with DJ Kool Herc, who is really almost too old for us to remember but left a lasting legacy in the hip-hop world.

…read more…

Marijuana Legalization on Reservation Land

Big news for American Indian reservations – last Thursday, the Justice Department announced that no attorneys are to prohibit any tribes from growing or selling marijuana on reservation lands, regardless of state law. Or federal law, apparently. As quoted in High Times, “the law of the land” will be left up to each tribe, and federal law enforcement CAN prosecute IF requested by the tribes.

What’s the reasoning? Reservations are considered sovereign land. This choice should have been available to them before now. It’s a touchy subject, all things considered. We took their land, bastardized their religion…the least we can do now is pass the peace pipe.

This is also a positive move in light of the problems many tribes have had with alcohol abuse. 12% of deaths among American Indians and Alaskan Natives are alcohol-related, and deaths due to alcohol for more...


It’s Friday, so why don’t you watch this video of Sarah Silverman getting high?

Do you know what My Drunk Kitchen is? My Drunk Kitchen is Hannah Hart, just a regular 28-year old girl, who hosts a weekly Youtube series where she cooks while drunk. She has tons of great guest stars, including British chef Jamie Oliver, author John Green, and actress Mary-Louise Parker.

…read more…