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A Texan Call To Action! 420 Specials on 4/19 at The Glass House Celebrating PAX with a Price Reduction! Featured Artist: Zach Puchowitz NEWS: Buy Online at The Glass House!
A Texan Call To Action!

Texas, oh Texas. You lift us up, teasing us with NORML and Marijuana Policy Project collaborations and waving legalization/decriminalization bill proposals in the air excitedly. Then just as we think we smell the sweet winds of change, which smell an awful lot like ganja, you tear us back down.

We’re a little down in the dumps today. Two very well-researched, well-written, all-around fantastic

420 Specials on 4/19 at The Glass House

The best day of the year is coming up! Only 4 more days till 4-20!

THE GLASS HOUSE WANTS TO HELP YOU PREPARE! So, stop by on 4/19 for some AMAZING deals AND a live broadcast with BOOM 94.5 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Last year, we did some research on the origins of the term “420” in relation to the fine flower. You

Celebrating PAX with a Price Reduction!

Cheers to PAX on over 500,000 sales of their renowned loose-leaf vaporizer! In celebration of this milestone, we’re happy to announce a price reduction – beginning this Friday, February 20, you can purchase the PAX portable vaporizer for $209.99.

If you’re thinking of adding a more portable piece to your collection or if you’re planning to make the complete

Featured Artist: Zach Puchowitz

As we announced last week, The Glass House website now features an online shop with some of our most unique glass. We adore working with so many talented artists and want you to know a little more about the people behind the pieces.

Today, we’re looking

NEWS: Buy Online at The Glass House!

You can now make purchases from The Glass House online! We are thrilled to launch our new online shop – visit and click “Specials,” or go straight to


Toke of the Town:

Santa Claus Wants His Cannabis Access

This might blow your mind, but bear with us.

The North Pole is real, and Santa Claus lives there. He’s a medical marijuana patient and he wants his access, goddammit. However, the spirit of Christmas lives year round in the North Pole, and there’s some debate amongst citizens about whether a marijuana dispensary has a place in such an atmosphere. Can marijuana and Christmas coexist? These are the questions of our lives.

On Monday, the North Pole City Council got together to make a decision. And they decided that marijuana and Christmas CAN coexist. They will NOT ban dispensaries from opening up shop in their town. Here’s their thinking – if citizens of the North Pole don’t want to shop at dispensaries, they won’t. Basically, give the people what they want, and if they don’t want it, they won’t use it. Is that common sense? Who would have thunk it?

You more...

Congress’ Cannabis Wednesday

People are calling yesterday, June 3 “Cannabis Wednesday,” the most significant day yet for marijuana in Congress. They passed three pro-marijuana amendments, and nearly approved a fourth – by a pretty decent margin.

The first bipartisan amendment, authored by Representatives Tom McClintock (R-CA), Jared Polis (D-CO), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Don Young (R-AK), Barbara Lee (D-CA), and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), prohibits the DEA from interfering with state medical marijuana laws and passed by a vote of 242-186.

A similar second amendment applies to state industrial hemp laws and passed by an ever wider margin with a vote of 282-146.

Finally, the third bipartisan amendment proposed by Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) protects state laws that allow CBD oils, and it passed 297-130.

The amendment that didn’t pass, though, was a pretty important one. It would prevent more...

Scythian Empires Smokin’ the J

If you’ve ever wondered how long water pipes have been around, wonder no more. The oldest have just been discovered in Russia, and they date back to somewhere between roughly 800 BC and 300 AD. These are no lame-ass water pipes either. They’re made of pure gold and were found buried carefully in a stone-lined chamber with seven pounds of gold jewelry, all covered in a thick layer of clay.

Found inside the pipes was a thick black residue which turned out to be a wombo combo of cannabis and opium. Historians believe these findings belonged to Scythian royalty, who are known to have used both drugs to alter their states of mind before battle. An interesting concept…the Scythians certainly weren’t using these pipes for peaceful reasons.

Another interesting tidbit about the pieces – their engravings reflect scenes of the time, including, according to more...

What Do Borat and Cannabis Have in Common?

Cannabis grows exceptionally well in Kazakhstan. We’re pretty pissed at Borat for not sharing that important piece of information. Instead, we found out through Dangerous Minds. Although it grows well there, apparently state officials aren’t too savvy about it . . . somehow, the Kazakhstan capital Astana City has been overgrown with the plant.

According to Dangerous Minds, Kazakhstan officials have had to work tirelessly over the years to “weed out” (ha…ha…) the large amounts of cannabis that grow wild all over the country. You’d think with all that tireless work, they would know when thousands of pot plants started creeping up in the middle of the city’s main drag, Auezov Street. Nope. All of a sudden, there are thousands of cannabis more...