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$175 million marijauana bust in Texas

$175 million marijauana bust in Texas

The $2 million marijuana farm bust in Chambers County earlier this month was just the beginning. Earlier this week, 29 fields of marijuana plants were discovered by a deer hunter in Goodrich, Texas in Polk County. It’s already being called a record-breaking operation, with over 100,000 plants with a street value of $175 million.

Some interesting facts about the investigation…

  • How many law enforcement officers does it take to bust a pot farm? In this case, seventy-two! They represent twelve different state and federal agencies. That’s a lot of manpower. If you’re planning any other sorts of crimes in the area, do it now while all the officers are busy!
  • The good people of Goodrich can’t BELIEVE there’s a secret world of pot farming happening right beneath their noses. “You figure you could smell it cuz it has its own smell,” says resident Lance Sarver. It sure does, Lance. It sure does.
  • Similar to the Chambers County operation, these growers had a camp set up with personal property and food, as well as elaborate equipment like trenches, pumps, and irrigation systems.
  • Officers think there were six people involved in the operation, and one suspect is in custody. Cell phones were found out in the fields that may help law enforcement track down those responsible.
  • The total number of plants found in this one operation is just a little bit smaller than the entire amount of marijuana plants confiscated in all of Texas throughout all of last year. Whoa.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the bust. Any opinions on the utilization of seventy-two law enforcement officers to clear fields and resolve issues relating to the bust? Any thoughts about whether the State of Texas will choose to use the plants for research purposes, or just destroy them as they did in this month’s earlier bust? What would you do if you were in charge? Let’s hear it – find us on Facebook or use the Comment section below!

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