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Archive for May, 2013

Don’t forget we carry Kanna Bliss

Click here for our full review!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Tickets on sale now. Learn more about this epic event below…


Read our review of the Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel here. Watch a tutorial on how to use it below:


What do California, Colorado, Medical Marijuana, hats, hard work, and giving back to the community all have in common? The answer is a little company who thinks big: Grassroots California.

This is a company that literally started from a backpack and has grown into their own flagship store in downtown Denver, with their products now being carried in more than 180 stores worldwide. They have released their first exclusive clothing line, are coordinating their own 710 Cup, and have more than 46,000 Facebook fans, all in a measly four years.


The Wakarusa Music Festival is a grassroots festival nestled in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas where the beauty of nature synchronizes with the euphoric sounds of live music.

Wakarusa started in 2004 in Kansas, and has been in Arkansas for the past 5 years. Every year, more than 100 world-class artists come and perform in front of a beautiful backdrop provided by Mother Nature.

Many of our vendors will be there, including Grassroots California.

Find out more about Wakarusa by clicking on the image below. Let us know if you are planning to attend!


Have you guys seen our Glass Pipes?

We have an awesome selection, and it changes daily. Here is just a teaser:

Glass Pipes at The Glass House

Come visit us at one of our two Texas locations:


15203 Knoll Trail Dr. #119
Dallas, TX 75248
(972) 432-4846


413 E Round Grove Rd. #103
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 315-2120

Happy Mother’s Day from The Glass House TX!

We really can’t express how much we appreciate our moms. But Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we can try our best to show them our love and appreciation. The Glass House wishes all the moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for everything you do! Moms rock!


With summer coming swiftly, it’s natural that our attention might be starting to turn more towards our bodies. Yes, there’s the desire to look good in a swimsuit, but then there’s also our body’s natural urge to be healthy and have energy for all the activities that come with the season. Now is the perfect time for a cleanse, or detox.

Did you know that some nutritionists recommend that you cleanse four times a year?

Some benefits of cleansing regularly:

“Detoxifying the organs will prevent a buildup, reducing the chance that they will become sluggish or unable to detoxify the body fully, which may cause you to be more prone to liver ailments, gall or kidney stones and other chronic ailments. Body cleansing also improves the quality of blood, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are supplied to your organs. Cellulite and fat deposits are reduced because toxins are removed as opposed to being stored in fat cells.” - How Often Should You Use a Body Cleanse? |

At The Glass House TX we have discovered an awesome line of products that help boost the cleansing process: Detoxify. 

The Detoxify brand has a pretty cool line up of drinks for various types of cleanses. They are all all-natural and yes, they work! They each contain vitamins, minerals, and Detoxify’s proprietary blend of cleansing herbs.

“We know the body. We know the herbs that help cleanse the system. We know the cleansing process. And we use that expertise to make sure that every Detoxify Brand product gives you the maximum cleansing benefit.” – Detoxify

We would love to help you out on your path to becoming a cleaner, healthier, happier person. Call us at The Glass House TX with any questions about Detoxify.




Here’s an insurance check you can actually cash!

The ByeBottle is a bottle cap that fits onto pretty much any size or type of water bottle. It contains a proprietary blend of acidic components and enzymes inside the cap, and when you push the button, it liquefies everything in the container. This is the quickest, easiest and safest way to get rid of unwanted/unused pills, powders, plastic bags, etc.

This is an awesome product, not only for the safety of others but for your peace of mind.

Call us if you have any questions!


The WISPR is the second generation of portable vaporizers by Iolite. With help of renowned design firms, Oglesby & Butler has completely re-worked the technology that made the first generation iolite such a big hit and improved on the original in several ways.