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Archive for August, 2013

Speaking of summer events out west, Burning Man started this week.

What is Burning Man?
Burning Man went from a small festival on the beach of San Francisco in the 1990′s to a 48,000+ member week-long event in Black Rock City, Nevada. Participants journey out to the Black Rock Desert to be a part of an experimental community where they are challenged to express themselves and rely on themselves. They set up a makeshift city and end the week with the burning of a massive effigy – the burning man.

According to the festival website, there are no rules about how everyone should behave or express themselves as long as they protect the health, safety, and experience of the rest of the community. Each individual decides for themselves how they will contribute to the community.

What’s to love about Burning Man?
What’s not to love about a festival that requires its participants to be one with the desert and with each other? The sheer amount of passion and creativity in one place results in incredible art throughout Black Rock City.

Burning Man also places heavy emphasis on taking care of the environment. While festival members camp in the desert for a week, they have a “leave no trace” policy, meaning that once the festival is over, there is literally no evidence that anyone has been there.

If you pare it down, Burning Man gives its participants the opportunity to experience something rare – self-discovery in the context of a safe, creative community. The journey to Black Rock City is like a pilgrimage, and the week spent there is life-changing for nearly everyone who experiences it.

Burning green at Burning Man
Something unexpected – Burning Man has actually been called the MOST dangerous place to do or share drugs in the United States.

Cannabis and Burning Man have a long history together, which comes as no surprise considering the relationship between cannabis and the artistic community (and the fact that Burning Man is known as a “hippie” festival). Tokers look at Burning Man as a place to let go and see where their art will take them.

Although the festival boasts freedom from rules to encourage self-expression, in the past few years, the marijuana community has found Burning Man to be a dangerous place to express themselves through that particular medium. The scent is everywhere, but the law enforcement that patrols Black Rock City will crack down if they know where it’s coming from. Smoking marijuana is still a felony in Nevada, and the state (and federal government) will not recognize medical marijuana cards.

Anyone ever made the journey out to Black Rock City? How was your experience? Let us know on Facebook, or come tell us your stories in person!



As many of you tokers know, Seattle Hempfest just finished up about a week ago. If you’ve never heard of Hempfest, or if you’ve never been, this is the time to start planning for next year! Just imagine spending the weekend with your friends on the waterfront enjoying great food, live music, a mountain view, and obviously a lot of green. Now imagine how beautiful and cool Seattle in August must be. Now imagine cops handing you snacks. That should be enough to convince you of just how awesome Hempfest is.

From August 16-18, tens of thousands of pot smokers from all over the country gathered in Seattle’s Myrtle Edwards Park to celebrate and advocate for marijuana legalization. Hempfest is the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally and this year featured six stages of music, world-renowned speakers, and tons of food, arts, crafts, and political booths. This year was especially celebratory after Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize marijuana use by adults over 21.

Hempfest is more than just a pot-smoking rally, though. Its 22 years of existence have been founded on the idea that when citizens and public officials work together to accomplish common goals, beautiful things happen. Their desire is to educate the public on the many benefits of cannabis – including medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, and environmental. And of course, by gathering so many cannabis lovers in one place, they hope to (and do!) advance the public image of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts.

The leading Hempfest story we’ve been hearing all over the news is that of the Seattle cops. Thankfully, our past experience with cops at summertime festivals has been pretty chill. In an act of solidarity, though, the Seattle police department actually handed out Doritos! Of course, affixed to the Doritos were labels encouraging folks to check out a post on its website called “Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle.” It (humorously!) explains some of the ins and outs of Seattle’s new law.

So, cheers to the Seattle police for their good natured approach to all the pot smoking. Cooperation is so great! We’re still chuckling at Jeremiah Vandermeer’s comment that police handing out Doritos to stoners really does prove that “The Drug War” is a joke.

Want to be a part of Hempfest 2014? Of course you do! The dates are August 15-17, 2014. Go and enjoy as a participant, or support a worthy cause and volunteer!

If you traveled for this year’s Hempfest, we know you have stories to tell and photos to share! Find us on Facebook, leave your comment below, or come see us in Dallas or Lewisville.

GRC and Thievery Corporation’s collaboration produces cool new fedora

What could be more gangster than a fedora?

One of our favorite companies Grassroots California and the band Thievery Corporation recently collaborated to bring you the first Grassroots California Fedora. This version is in black with a satin blue band.


At The Glass House, we love supporting local artists and hand-blown glass pipes. Metal pipes do have their advantages, though, and we realize many smokers prefer the cooler smoke.

Journey pipes come all the way from the United Kingdom (still at an affordable price!) and will be the last metal pipes you’ll ever buy.

Featured Product: Chronic Candy

You know what’s better than smoking a bowl? Not much. But you know what’s more legal than smoking a bowl? Chronic candy.

Chronic candy are hemp-based suckers that have no THC, making them 100% legal. They come in a variety of flavors anywhere from strawberry to “Northern Lights,” some replicating the flavor of cannabis. While chronic candy is produced and distributed by various companies, the Chronic Candy is a Pennsylvania-based company that imports hemp-based candy from Amsterdam and distributes it throughout the United States.

Chronic Candy asserts that they spend a lot of time and money towards the legalization of marijuana. “Every time you purchase our products,” they say, “you are helping us to support the efforts to legalize marijuana.” Sounds like a good reason to us!

Based on the media perception of marijuana, you can probably imagine that hemp-based candy has become a huge controversy in the past ten years. All it takes is one google of “chronic candy” or “hemp-based candy” to find tons of political and parenting blogs warning readers of the dangers of marketing marijuana to children. Lawmakers fighting the legalization of marijuana are also fighting the idea of candy that tastes or is in any way linked with cannabis. No big surprise there.

Well, we at the Glass House trust your parenting skills and love a little adult fun. And we know firsthand that chronic candy not only tastes great, supports a cause we believe in and makes a great gift for toker friends!

Not to mention, studies have shown that the molecular compound CBD (cannabidiol) found in hemp actually provides a number of medicinal benefits, including relief from pain and feelings of anxiety. So, there’s your science lesson for the day.

Stop by and pick up a few flavors of chronic candy…we think you’ll love it! Don’t forget to share your favorite flavor in the Comment section or on our Facebook page!


With a name like Prometheus, the Prometheus Pipe by PYP TEK better be indestructible! It truly is the best of both worlds – clean hits of glass and toughness of metal – and so it can withstand more than your average glass. Especially if you like to carry your pipe with you, or if you’ve had a bad/embarrassing experience with a broken bowl, the Prometheus Pipe provides a high level of durability.

Let’s back up – what exactly is the Prometheus Pipe? It’s a high grade borosilicate glass pipe covered in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum exoskeleton, which comes apart to allow for easy cleaning and replacement of parts. Vertical metal screen placement prevents inhaling debris and/or embers, and it’s protected from the lighter flame for purer taste.

The Prometheus Pipe comes in five colors – black, blue, green, purple and red – and two sizes. The Prometheus Titan is six inches long and provides more room (two inches in diameter, to be exact) around the glass bowl, while the Prometheus Pocket is four inches long. So, you can choose the piece that fits your smoking needs and preferences. An added bonus is that PYP TEK also makes oil kits, so you can easily turn your pipe into an oil vaporizer. Everything you could ever want in one pipe!

Included with the Prometheus…

  • Prometheus Pipe, either Titan or Pocket
  • 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder
  • Mini Amber Glass Storage Jar
  • 3 Replacement Screens
  • 3 O-Rings

Have questions, comments or embarrassing stories about why you need a more durable pipe? You know where to find us!


Looking to upgrade your water pipe for smoother, cleaner hits? Rox Glass Diffusion Stones might be for you! They’re inexpensive and will work with any pipe, and they will completely change your smoking experience.

Rox are made of art glass, which is much softer than the borosilicate glass used in pipes – meaning it’s very unlikely that they will scratch. They’re non-toxic, colorless and impermeable to water or odors.


Whether you prefer a pipe, vaporizer or hookah, you put a lot of time and research into picking a piece that works best for your smoking needs. Once you find your favorite piece, you need a safe way to carry and store it. We recommend VATRA cases – not only are they durable and discreet, but they actually look pretty cool.


Working at The Glass House is a dream job for all of us, and we know how lucky we are to do something we love every day. Supporting local glass artists and setting ourselves apart from the average smoke shop is something we work towards every day. But this is something we can’t do alone! We know we need the support of the community – that means you, our customers, as well as our local partners. That’s why we’d like to give a shout-out to our friends at Deep Ellum on Air (DEoA).

DEoA is a 100% volunteer internet-based broadcast company in Dallas/Fort Worth that began six years ago with founder Jedi Jantzen (or Jantzen Ray, if you must) playing around with internet radio on the weekends during his stint at the Jagger Show. Now, they feature 14 weekly shows and enjoy hundreds of thousands of listeners. But – they’re still completely volunteer-based and have to rely on outside funding to keep it all going.

If you’re familiar with DEoA, you know how active they are in the DFW community. They are extremely dedicated to revitalizing Deep Ellum, giving voice to local artists, musicians, comedians and businesses. DEoA considers itself a medium for an “artistic collective,” where entertainers can mix, mingle and gain the recognition they deserve.

Because it’s obviously a cause that’s close to our hearts here at The Glass House, we also appreciate that DEoA heavily supports the NORML movement, airing the Texas Legalization Report Show, advocating for the legalization of marijuana and working to fight the stigma attached to tokers. We’ve been thrilled to partner with them on several events, and they’ve been kind enough to come out and do a live show from The Glass House!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jantzen recently, and asked him to elaborate on DEoA’s mission and vision. He spoke of “art” as visual art, music ranging from metal to hip-hop, comedy and entertainment in general. While Dallas isn’t a place that people necessarily associate with art, Jantzen and his crew want to change that by spotlighting the talent that comes out of the DFW area.

“We are 100% local music and local shows, and we are 100% community. We just want to help artists create and entertainers entertain. We are all about supporting independent artists,” Jantzen told us. “Eventually, we would love to have a community center where people and especially kids can interact with the artists. Kids need art to help them funnel their energy into something positive. To give them something hopeful.”

We’re excited about where Deep Ellum on Air is headed, and we hope you are too. Visit them at – and local artists, feel free to contact them with your work! And, as always, visit us on Facebook and tell us why you love being a part of the DFW community!


First of all, Oasis fans, you’re welcome.

Seriously though, let’s veer from the delicious vapes and other accessories for a day to more fully appreciate the artistic side of smoking and toking. For decades, artists and musicians (and probably Oasis! – where were you when we were getting high?) have used herbal methods to open their minds to new ideas and to inspire their work. After a good smoke, you want every element of your surroundings to contribute to the experience. Blank, boring walls might not kill the inspiration, but they probably won’t help, either.

Enter tapestries. Wonderwall tapestries are 90×100 inch cloth tapestries that can be hung on a wall or used as bedspreads. These beautiful, unique pieces of cloth art feature a variety of colors and themes, including nature, spirituality and, of course, cannabis. Whether you groove to zodiac signs, Buddha or the tree of life, we have a tapestry you’ll love.

We’ve found that although some tapestries are available at online retailers, shopping for them online is about as effective as shopping for clothes on the internet. You have no guarantee it will fit! There’s nothing like seeing these one-of-a-kind pieces up close and personal, and selecting the one that fits your smoking style best.

In case you’re picturing swirling psychedelic colors with a huge marijuana leaf in the middle, and in case that’s not your thing…don’t get us wrong! We’re not implying that because you’re a toker, you want a bedroom filled with trippy, multi-colored tapestries and blown-up photos of Bob Marley. We carry a wide range of tapestries for every style. But if you do need some tie-dye for your hippie van ASAP, The Glass House is a safe place for you. Also, we expect an invite.

Come visit us and see our entire selection!



You may remember that we featured the Pax Vaporizer by Ploom back in April, with its sleek modern design. Recently Ploom introduced a new color for the Pax – emerald green – and we thought, hey, why not give it another plug? It really is that good. If you’ve never owned a vaporizer and are considering investing in one, listen up! The Pax is a fantastic unit both for beginners and seasoned tokers alike.

Ploom is an upstart tobacco company based in San Francisco, California and they market their Pax Vaporizer as the most pocketable, premium loose-leaf vaporizer. We couldn’t really argue with that. It looks a little bit like a lighter, measuring 4 1/8 ” x 1.4” x 7/8” – in other words, it will easily fit in the palm of your hand, or in a pocket, purse or clutch. Its size doesn’t compromise its integrity, though, and an anodized aluminum exterior and medical grade stainless steel air chamber give it the utmost durability and performance.

The Pax is also extremely user-friendly – we can’t emphasize this enough. Unlike many other vaporizers, it includes only three heat settings: low (370), medium (default-390) and high (410). It only takes about a minute to heat up, and the cute little light on the front of the unit will show you which temperature setting it’s on. By the way, by giving the piece a shake, that light will also show you how much battery life is left. The battery is rechargeable and takes around 90 minutes to charge if the unit is completely dead. Remember that the Pax can’t be used while charging, so plan accordingly.

As seen in the video we posted when we last covered the Pax, using it is as simple as it gets:

1. Remove lid
2. Fill oven
3. Power on
4. Use button behind the lid to change the temperature setting, if necessary
5. Enjoy!!
6. Power off
7. Clean :)

As we mentioned last time, it’s incredibly important to clean the Pax regularly as recommended in the instruction manual or the video Ploom developed. All it takes to clean is a pipe cleaner, q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

The Pax is available in amethyst (purple), cobalt (blue), black (onyx) and now, emerald (green)! Feel free to stop by if you’d like to witness its incredible design in person, or visit us on Facebook or in the Comment section below if you have your own thoughts about the Pax.


The number of vaporizers available here at The Glass House even astounds us!