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Archive for September, 2013

What would make for a more interesting Super Bowl ad than beer? How about marijuana?

This year, we may actually see it happen. Intuit recently launched a competition offering small businesses the opportunity to win a professionally produced commercial during the Super Bowl. All it takes to become a finalist is gaining the most online votes, and right now, marijuana policy reform group NORML is in the lead.

NORML is a nonprofit, public-interest lobby that for more than 40 years has provided a voice for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition. Their mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable. NORML has regional chapters all across America, including a Dallas/Fort Worth chapter.

The contest will consist of several rounds and an Intuit staff selection, but winning this round will qualify NORML as a finalist. According to the Huffington Post, Intuit has expressed no bias against the reform group, commenting that they “have no stance on medical marijuana as a company. By design, we’ve had a diverse range of businesses entering Small Business Big Game and sharing their unique stories with the world.”

For more information, visit To watch the entry and vote for NORML’s ad to run during the Super Bowl, visit


Weekend Netflix Movie Selection #3

Welcome to our third and final Netflix movie selection for the weekend! The 2012 documentary The House I Live In received high praise from critics and won several awards, including Best Documentary at Sundance. Director Eugene Jarecki, known for Freakonomics and Why We Fight, takes a closer look at America’s War on Drugs and how it’s affecting individuals, subcultures and ultimately the nation.

The House I Live In is a little different from the other two movies we selected for your weekend entertainment. First, the tone is more serious and the content more grim. It’s the opposite of boring, but you can expect a darker vibe than the others. Secondly, The House I Live In doesn’t focus on marijuana legalization, but rather looks at the history of the War on all Drugs in America and its political and cultural implications. So…put your thinking caps on.

Jarecki’s inspiration for the film originated with one story: that of his childhood nanny in New Haven, Connecticut. While she worked and even moved with the family to support her children, her son became involved in hard drugs and contracted HIV from needle use. While this sounds like a simple snapshot, Jarecki uses this story as a starting point, and goes on to explore how the War on Drugs is ultimately hurting poor communities rather than helping.

The House I Live In also traces America’s history of drug prohibition. Before the turn of the 20th century, there were no illegal drugs. Housewives in the south had an affinity for opium. Hemp was once a required crop on Virginia plantations. Each drug was made illegal for various reasons, usually socio-political and often racial.

While this film may not be a plea to legalize marijuana or all drugs, it does shed a surprising light on the media propaganda and political motivations behind the drug war in America. Definitely worth a watch!

Don’t forget about Super High Me and The Union – if you haven’t seen them yet, it may be time for a legalization marathon!

Dabbing 101

Teach me how to dab, teach me teach me how to dab…

If you’re ready to graduate from a beginner to a more advanced toker, this post is for you.

Dabbing: what is it, and what’s so great about it?

Dabbing is a slang term for inhaling the vapor from concentrates that results from melting butane, or even solvent-less methods that use ice water or dry ice to extract the good stuff. Because the oil or wax is much more concentrated than plant, a single dab packs much more of a punch than a pipe or vaporizer. It’s also easier on your lungs, as it doesn’t involve inhaling from the butane lighter or taking in any smoke.

Ingredients needed for dabbing:

1. Extract of choice. Wax, oil, or any form of concentrate will do.

2. Oil rig. An oil rig is a water pipe designed for taking a dab. You can also find attachments that will hook right on to your basic pipe. Oil rigs come in two basic styles – the skillet or the nail. A skillet and dome rig attaches to a swing arm with a dome above it that leads to the downstem of the piece. A nail and globe rig consists of a nail made of glass, quartz, or titanium and a glass globe piece that encases the hot nail and contains the vapor.

3. Dabber. The dabber is a small glass or metal piece that is used to dab your extract onto the hot nail or skillet.

4. Handheld torch. You’ll need a small handheld torch or butane lighter to heat the hot nail or skillet before dabbing.

And you’re ready to dab! The process itself is fairly simple. Heat up the hot nail or skillet, and wait until it’s super hot. Take your dabber and scoop up some concentrate. Rub the concentrate onto the hot surface. Watch the vapor fill the pipe and inhale. Unlike smoking or vaporizing, you will immediately feel the difference.

Come by the shop and we’ll show you the oil rigs, butane lighters, concentrates, and other tools we have in stock. Don’t forget to let us know how your first dabbing experience goes!


As we featured on our Facebook page over the weekend, Noble Glass is one of the many standout pipe brands available for purchase in our shops.

(Shameless plug for our Facebook page: “friend” us for updated information on our sales, events, and merchandise! We can be found at

Noble Glass was founded in Eugene, Oregon, about an hour south of Portland, with the mission of creating hand-blown soft glass pipes that stand out from the rest. Created by individual glassblowing artists without the use of molds, each piece from Noble is a little bit different from the rest, so you are guaranteed a unique product.

Another stand-out characteristic of Noble Glasses Pieces? Their vibrant colors. With 40 colors in their premium glass palette, Noble provides a variety of intense, brilliant alternatives to basic clear glass. While they are colored, the pieces are not completely opaque, so you can still see the smoke. Also, because each piece is created by an artist, they often feature styled feet and other intricate design characteristics.

When you’re considering the purchase of a water pipe, keep us in mind. Visit either of our locations or check out our Facebook page to see our knockout Noble Glass selection.


Weekend Sale!

Happy Friday, y’all! Today we want to feature two of our favorite California smokeware designers . . . and offer you a special discount. Because it is Friday, after all.

Sheldon Black Designs – 10% off!

Sheldon Black began designing and producing commercial smokeware in Los Angeles, California in 1988. Since then, Sheldon Black has been responsible for revolutionizing glassware with two US patents – the Combined Tobacco Smoking Pipe Bowl and the Receiving Stem. In our estimation, Sheldon Black Designs can do no wrong! Their products are both durable and sexy, including their highly-regarded bubbler collection, limited edition artist collaborations, and incredible glass tube line.

Come find out why Sheldon Black is considered a pioneer in the American smokeware industry…and enjoy 10% off your purchase!

The Realm of Caring Foundation

To follow up on our last post about CBD (cannabidiol) and its medical benefits, we want to tell you about an organization in Colorado Springs with a vested interest in CBD. The Realm of Caring Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been formed to provide a better quality of life for residents of Colorado affected by cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and other debilitating conditions through the use of concentrated medicinal cannabis oil.

The Realm of Caring is the first of its kind to provide this kind of alternative medicine, but we hope to see more and more organizations like this popping up. The Realm is able to monitor each patient’s progress, and they bring in qualified physicians to conduct observational studies. This allows them a way of tracking the benefits of CBD and gives them an opportunity to educate the general public about a treatment method that is often misunderstood.

The Stanley Brothers are the founders of the Realm of Caring Foundation, and they breed special strains of cannabis for Realm patients. They have perfected the art of cultivating cannabis with high levels of CBD, which provides medical benefits, rather than THC, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana.

The Realm’s website includes several moving stories of both adult and pediatric patients, some who wouldn’t be alive today without the Realm’s work. These are stories of pain relief, restored energy and strength, and nights of restful sleep in the midst of debilitating and sometimes terminal illness. We hope you’ll check them out at


A week ago today, the New Jersey State Assembly and Governor Chris Christie made some changes to the state’s marijuana laws.

The vote allows marijuana to be prescribed to children in medical form as long as two doctors sign off. Parental permission is required for edible marijuana to be made available to minors through tablets, capsules, drops or syrups. The new law also allows dispensaries to grow and sell more than three varieties of cannabis to patients.

What inspired such a change in New Jersey’s laws regarding children and medical marijuana use? The growing number of families speaking out about the positive impact it could have on children with epilepsy.

For years, children have been taught the dangers of marijuana use by teachers, parents, and lawmakers. Most express concern that marijuana kills brain cells, and will therefore stunt growth and harm IQ. Dr. Sharon Levy, pediatrician and addiction specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, told the Boston Globe that adolescents exposed to marijuana recreationally are often subject to mental health and thought disorders, as well as a lower long-term IQ.

However, for children suffering from epilepsy, leukemia, or other serious and painful illnesses, medical marijuana has been proven to ease pain, stop seizures, prevent nausea, and increase appetite. The magic ingredient here is CBD – cannabidiol. While THC is the main constituent of marijuana, CBD comes second at 40%. Most recreational marijuana users are looking for the high that comes with THC, but users in need of medical benefits look for a high CBD rate.

Doctors still aren’t completely sure why CBD works, although its medical benefits aren’t just psychological. But because steroids, chemotherapy, and other treatments can take such a toll on children (and adults), medical marijuana high in CBD and lower in THC seems to be an incredible and effective method.

NORML posted the following video from The Washington Post that explains more about medical marijuana use for children. Check it out! And we’ll continue to keep you posted on legalization information in the news.


Weekend Netflix Movie Selection #2

Glancing at the cover of the documentary Super High Me, you might think Morgan Spurlock just went from McDonald’s to marijuana. But no, Super High Me is the brainchild of Doug Benson, a stand-up comedian and cannabis lover. It’s also our pick for your weekend Netflix movie. It’s easy! It’s streaming! It’s educational! You’ll love it.

Released on 4/20 in 2007, Super High Me features Benson, who is a regular toker, going cold turkey for thirty days, then smoking non-stop for another thirty days. During each thirty day period, he completes various tasks to document his mental and physical health. He then compares the test results to analyze the effects of his marijuana use.

Benson also conducts interviews throughout the film to gain other perspectives on marijuana use, including marijuana activists, dispensary owners, politicians, and patients with medical marijuana prescriptions.

We won’t spoil anything for you if you haven’t already seen the film…maybe you can guess what conclusions Benson draws, or maybe you’ll be surprised. A few things to keep in mind as you watch – yes, the film is clearly low-budget. Don’t let that turn you off! Also, Benson was completely legal and safe while filming, and he didn’t drive at all during his “high” thirty days.

Some critics think Super High Me is biased, just a film that makes stoners feel better about themselves, but we found the conclusions to be pretty irrefutable! Check it out and let us know what you think.


Those of you who have been into one of our shops or browsed our photos online know that we pride ourselves in our selection of local, hand-blown glass pipes. While we also aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your smoke and toke needs, we are The Glass House, after all.

When most people think of the art of glass blowing, they probably don’t immediately connect the thought with glass pipes. The studio glass movement began in the 1960’s when a ceramics professor and a chemist/engineer held workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art. During these workshops, they experimented with creating blown glass art from melted glass in a small furnace. It exploded into a worldwide movement. Now, many museums, studios, and educational institutions offer glassblowing resources for training and sharing.

And although many folks may not connect glass pipes with art, we believe they truly are an artistic medium, and we love knowing the pieces we use to smoke are one-of-a-kind.

In the DFW area alone, there are plenty of places to learn the basics of glassblowing.

Vetro Glassblowing in Grapevine features paperweight workshops for beginners, and a more advanced glassblowing class for those who have completed the prerequisites.

Similarly, Dallas Glass Blowing offers paperweight workshops for beginners. (What can be easier to start with than a paperweight, right?)

Bowman Glass in Dallas offers classes for beginners – no experience necessary!

In Forth Worth, American Glass Supply features a variety of classes for beginners and experts alike.

So, creative people, what’s stopping you? Check out one of these classes today! And keep us in mind when you’re crafting beautiful glass pipes.


Maybe you read this article on the Huffington Post last week, the one entitled, “Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose.” If you didn’t, no worries! That’s why we’re here.

In the article, author Nick Wing shares the answer to the question the title implies – zero people have died from a marijuana overdose! In fact, he cites a study that claims a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint in order to be at risk of dying.


Yes, it’s true. With all the legal battles underway and the constant media references to the War on Drugs, we like to have all the facts.

In an ironic twist at the end of the article, Huffington Post includes a series of photos and stories of fourteen individuals killed not by marijuana, but by the War on Drugs. These stories do not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, employment status, or income level. For instance…

  • Veronica and Charity Bowers – Veronica, the 35-year old mother of infant Charity, was a Christian missionary flying over the Amazon in 2001. After receiving information from the CIA that the plane was trafficking narcotics, the Peruvian Air Force shot it down. No narcotics were found, but the Christian missionaries were.
  • Rev. Accleyne Williams – Rev. Williams, a 75-year old retired minister, died of a heart attack in 1994 after struggling with 13 members of a masked, heavily armed Boston SWAT team that stormed his apartment. The police later revealed that an informant had given them incorrect information.
  • Alberto Sepulveda – Alberto was an 11-year old boy living in the Modesto area of California. A narcotics task force including DEA and FBI agents had been warned about Alberto’s father – that he may be “armed and dangerous.” After the police broke into the Sepulveda home, Alberto and his family were ordered to lie face down on the floor as officers pointed guns at their heads. Moments later, one of the officers fired his gun, killing 11-year-old Alberto Sepulveda from point-blank range. There were no drugs or guns in the Sepulveda home.

These are only snippets of the stories shared at the Huffington Post, but we encourage you to read them all here. Stay informed! And as always, keep us posted on your stories, news, and events!

Weekend Netflix Movie Selection – “The Union”

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

When’s the last time you flipped through Netflix trying unsuccessfully to make a decision? Is that just us?

If you’re looking for a Friday night flick or a Sunday afternoon movie to relax you this weekend, we have some suggestions. Netflix Instant has a few fascinating documentaries to stream that will both entertain and inform you. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll tell you about a few of them.

The first is called The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, a 2007 documentary by Canadian filmmaker Brett Harvey. Its premise is that of the illegal marijuana trade industry in Canada, which commands about $7 million annually and sends 85% of product to the United States. In this framework, host Adam Scorgie explores the history of marijuana, its path to becoming contraband, and the reasoning (or lack thereof) behind the fight against legalization.

Most interesting, perhaps, is how Scorgie exposes the rhetoric of politicians, lawmakers, and the media used to misrepresent marijuana, as well as their motives, which are sometimes corrupt and sometimes simply uneducated. He then reveals scientific research and basic facts about the effects of Cannabis, ultimately arguing for its legalization.

Some of the questions he addresses:

  • Why is marijuana illegal?
  • What health risks are involved?
  • Is prohibition effective?
  • What would happen if we taxed it?

Featuring interviews with acclaimed medical doctors, lawyers, analysts, and famous tokers (including Tommy Chong of the famous duo), The Union makes its case convincingly while giving us great perspective on the history and scope of marijuana legalization in the United States and Canada.

Educate and entertain yourselves this weekend, and then let us know what you think of The Union!

In the news

In an effort to keep you guys updated on what toker-related activities are going on in national news…here’s a recap!

As you know, medical marijuana is legal in twenty states and the District of Columbia, and recreational use of marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado. Despite these state laws, the federal government still doesn’t recognize marijuana as legal in any respect.

Obviously, marijuana advocates have been pushing for a firm statement from the administration on how the Justice Department plans to handle marijuana offenses in these states.

In response to these questions, Attorney General Eric Holder gave federal prosecutors new guidelines to ensure attorneys focus their attention on major cases. Last week, he instructed them in eight areas of priority, including preventing marijuana distribution to minors, preventing drugged driving, stopping drug trafficking by gangs and cartels and forbidding the cultivation of marijuana on public lands. The Justice Department stated that they will respect state laws and encourage states to handle minor cases of casual use on their own.

These new guidelines will apply not only to the twenty states where marijuana is legal either medically or recreationally, but to all states.

Reactions to the new policy range from optimistic enthusiasm to disappointment and outrage.

Organizations like the Marijuana Policy Project are feeling pretty positive, though.

“Today’s announcement is a major and historic step toward ending marijuana prohibition. The Department of Justice’s decision to allow implementation of the laws in Colorado and Washington is a clear signal that states are free to determine their own policies with respect to marijuana,” said Dan Riffle, the group’s director of federal policy.

You can read the Justice Department’s press statement here.


We are saddened by news we received Saturday of the loss of one of our own.

As a result of what is legal in the great US of A, our friend Jenny Kush was taken from us. Jenny and her boyfriend were hit by a drunk driver Friday night on their way home.

We at The Glass House did not get the chance to know Jenny as well as her boyfriend Paul. But from the outrageous and hilarious stories Paul would tell us, we know Jenny was one of those people that could light up a room just by walking in. She was dependable and a true one-of-a-kind.

With our hearts heavy, throats choked and fighting the anger, we here in the DFW wish the best for Jenny’s family that was left behind.

We started a Facebook auction yesterday, Sunday the 1st, in memory of Jenny. We are auctioning off one of our Zii mini tubes. ALL PROCEEDS OF THIS AUCTION ARE BEING DONATED TO THE MEMORIAL OF JENNY KUSH!

This is a great opportunity to ease the burden on Jenny’s family. Let’s help an important cause by getting this amazing mini-tube from Zii into someone’s hands at a steal. The auction lasts until 8pm Central Time tomorrow, Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Visit our Facebook page to bid on the AUCTION post by using comments. Please bid in increments of $20.

Our hearts and minds are with Jenny Kush’s family and friends.

For more information about Jenny’s work, or to make a memorial donation, please visit


Happy Labor Day from The Glass House

Have an awesome day off! We love our fans & customers!