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Archive for December, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions for Smokers & Tokers – Part 2

Do you even remember the New Year’s resolutions you made last year? Probably not. This year, we can help you make resolutions that a) you can actually keep and b) will make you an even better, more socially conscious stoner!

In case you missed our first 3, check them out here.

4. Go Green!

Get it? Go green? Anyway…maybe this is the year for you to become a more environmentally friendly toker! How, you ask? There are plenty of products to make smoking that green even greener. The Maui Wowie Bootube is a 100% sustainable “Living Glass” water pipe and the only fully sustainable organic water pipe on the market.

You can also use RAW Rolling Papers instead of normal cigarette paper. RAW founder looked at the bleach paper cigarettes are rolled in and thought if they could make the tobacco additive-free, he could make a natural, unbleached, unrefined paper to wrap it in. So he did!

5. Support Local Businesses

We know you already do this because you kindly support us! However, this is a resolution you can make every year. We were inspired this year by Deep Ellum on Air and their commitment to the talent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’ll continue to support our local businesses and we hope you do too!

6. Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is a top priority for us here at the Glass House. This year alone, you helped us host a fundraiser for the children of our friend Jenny Kush, and you supported raffles for the North Texas Food Bank and Hope for the Hungry. Every time you purchase products from Grassroots California, the company donates a percentage to non-profit organizations.

We plan to maintain and further our commitment to the hurting in our community in 2014. You can help us do that by participating with us, and you can branch out on your own and give back to the causes you feel passionately about. Either way, make this a priority in the new year and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on you.

That’s it for our New Year’s resolutions. Which ones do you share? Do you have any others? Let’s hear it!

New Year’s Resolutions for Smokers & Tokers – Part 1

If your New Year’s resolution is to smoke less, read this post first! We have a few New Year’s resolution suggestions for our favorite smokers and tokers.

1. Develop Healthier Smoking Habits

Sometimes it can be hard to muster up the motivation to think about developing healthier smoking habits. However, there really are some easy changes you can make in the new year to make your smoking and toking healthier for you.

First, consider purchasing a vaporizer. Cool vapor is much gentler on your lungs than smoke from a pipe, and still packs a punch. Visit us at the shop or give us a call to let us help you pick the vaporizer that fits your lifestyle best.

Second, consider planning ahead for your snacks! As insanely exciting and hilarious as it is to make a stoned 7-11 run, don’t you always regret eating an entire meal of donuts and beef jerky? For those craving salt, pick up popcorn or pretzels for a low-calorie snack. If you crave sweets, grab some fruit. Blueberries and pomegranate seeds are especially great choices for their tart taste and antioxidants.

2. Get Creative

What better time than now to start getting creative with your stash? Maybe this is the year you start dabbing, or making your own concentrate, or both. Maybe you’ve never experimented with edibles before. It’s the new year! If you can follow a recipe, you can do it.

3. Educate Yourself and Others

Sometimes it seems like legalization is worlds away, in the hands of policymakers way above our pay grade. It’s easy to feel like affecting change is impossible. If you continue to educate yourself and help educate others, though, you will make a difference – even if you can’t see it at the time.

Thanks to the internet, staying up-to-date on legalization issues is as easy as following a few key magazines and blogs. At the Glass House, we like to read High Times, Cannabis Culture, and Alternet. What are your favorite resources?

Stay tuned for more resolutions. Don’t forget to share your resolutions in the comment section or on Facebook!

DEADLINE TODAY – North Texas Food Bank Raffle!

Today is the LAST DAY of the North Texas Food Bank Raffle! Winners will be posted at the register tomorrow so make sure to bring your canned goods in today. Your donations will help feed hungry families in our community during this holiday season, and you can win some pretty killer prizes just for helping out.

The details of the raffle in case you missed them:

  • Bring THREE non-perishable food items to The Glass House and receive ONE raffle ticket. (Or, bring SIX for TWO raffle tickets. Or, bring NINE for THREE raffle tickets!)

  • The raffle began on December 1 and will conclude on December 23.

  • Winning tickets will be posted AT THE REGISTER on December 24.

  • Winners can collect their prizes any time between December 24 and January 1, 2014.

You don’t have to be present to win, but you MUST collect your prize by January 1.

In other news, High Times posted a list of their top “8 WTF Marijuana Moments of 2013”. Not the greatest marijuana moments…just the craziest. They included some stories we hadn’t even heard, including a 114 year-old man who got busted for marijuana use and a Wendy’s employee who accidentally topped a burger with a half-smoked blunt. People are nuts. Check out the hilarious recap here.

We want to know – what would you have put on the list? And, now that we’re thinking about year-end recaps, what do you think were the greatest marijuana moments of 2013? Maybe you have some cannabis-related New Year’s resolutions? We want to know. Share them in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

From our House to yours, happy holidays!

In the News…

The public demands its marijuana! According to an article from The Huffington Post this week, a recent survey from TheStreet shows that eighty percent of Americans believe marijuana should be regulated just like alcohol. EIGHTY PERCENT! In fact, here is the exact breakdown of where Americans think legal sales should take place:

  • The pharmacy – 69%

  • A “marijuana store” – 60%

  • The liquor store – 39%

  • Coffee shops – 17%

  • The supermarket – 13%

The 1,011 interviews that led to the compilation of this data took place from December 13-15, 2013.

The Huffington Post quotes Debra Borchardt, market analyst for TheStreet, who explains that more and more adults are favoring the legalization and regulation of marijuana. The marijuana marketplace will likely explode in the coming years, especially since the majority of states have accepted that its medicinal if not recreational use will be legalized by 2016 and don’t plan to fight the battle against it.

Borchardt is quoting saying, “Attitudes are changing as fast as they changed towards gay marriage…We are already seeing numerous companies being created just to jump into this market. In fact the first marijuana related company has filed to public on one of the major stock exchanges.”


Christmas is right around the corner! We can’t believe it either! Whether you’re doing all of your holiday shopping last minute or just seeking out stocking stuffers, The Glass House has great gifts for all the smokers and tokers in your life.

For your vapers…

  • VapeTools products – including extraction tubes, screens, and slick pads.

  • E-cigarette products – including a variety of e-cigarettes and juice!

  • Xhale Steam Stones – a delicious and tobacco-free way to vape through your hookah.

For your dabbers…

  • The Launch Pad – convert your oil rig into an oil ROCKET! Yes. Seriously.

  • Santa Cruz products – including titanium nails, dabbers, dab stands, and domeless titanium nails. A vaper’s dream.

  • Oil Slick – Cannabis Cup winning slick pad that keeps your glass in place and keeps sticky tools clean of debris.

For your gadget lovers…

  • Butane, sweet butane – we have Newport, Colibri, and 14x Vector. Prevent that lighter fluid from ruining the taste of your dabs or cigars!

  • Embur flameless/cordless lighter – the cream of the crop of the lighter world. For discriminating smokers only, please.

For anyone!

  • Kindtrays – all-natural trays to hold your stash

  • RigRags – bandanas specially designed for cleaning up those dirty glass and non-glass pieces!

  • Grunge Off Super Soaker – solution using advanced cleaning technology to get that nasty residue off your glass!

  • Hat Pins – like these!

Stop by and visit or give us a call and let us help you pick out gifts for the smokers and tokers in your life! And the happiest of holidays to you and yours from all of us at The Glass House!

Breathalyzer for Cannabis?

Drunk driving vs. stoned driving – which is worse, and which is more likely?

According to research, drunk driving trumps driving under the influence of cannabis on both occasions.

Researcher and Columbia University professor Guohua Li found that a stoned driver is 1.83 times as likely to get in a crash as a sober driver, but a drunk driver is 13.64 times as likely. D. Mark Anderson from Montana State University finds that the legalization of marijuana will result in more would-be drunk drivers staying in and lighting up rather than going out drinking. It’s true, though, isn’t it? We typically think of stoners on their couches, not on the roads.

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, law enforcement officials have begun to think about the prevention of high driving as well as drunk driving. Right now, fourteen states (mostly in the Midwest) can stick you in the drunk tank (high tank?) if you’re sober but have any evidence of THC in your system, which can stick around for up to a month. Of course, that doesn’t actually happen often.

A detection piece like the Breathalyzer hasn’t been perfected yet for cannabis. The best option so far seems to be the DrugWipe 5 S, first seen in Europe. Instead of breath, it analyzes spit. This allows it to detect more recent drug use than tests that require urine, sweat, or hair. Europe is ahead of the game, though, so there’s no telling what Colorado, Washington, or any number of other states will choose as they become more proficient at roadside marijuana testing.


Colorado paves the way!

As January 1 fast approaches, we’re keeping a close eye on Colorado to see how they handle the gritty details of marijuana legalization . . . and it’s starting to feel like passing the amendment was the easy part. Now the state’s lawmakers, businesses, and citizens have the enormous task of setting up rules and regulations on the production, sales, and consumption of the drug. Although Washington passed Amendment 64 at the same time as Colorado, they probably won’t have their regulatory system in place until summer 2014. They must be watching Colorado even more closely than we are!

So, what’s new today in Colorado marijuana restrictions?

First of all, the Denver City Council voted Monday evening to eliminate a ban on smoking pot in the front yard. As published in the Huffington Post, the communications director of Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) expressed his opinion of the vote, saying that “common sense prevailed” and explaining that if adults can consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes outside on their own property, marijuana should be no different.

While hopefully that means the Nasal Ranger won’t get quite as much use in Denver, Colorado has already figured out another high-tech cannabis tracking system. The Marijuana Inventory Tracking System will tag each marijuana plant or product. These tags will contain the facility’s retail or medical marijuana license number, a product serial number, and a “secure ID” chip. All of these numbers will be tracked through an inventory database accessible to both the business and the state.

Colorado state officials hope the tracking system will limit black market marijuana from making its rounds. Unfortunately for businesses, though, the tracking system is no cheap solution. Each plant tag and strap sells for $.45 per tag, and the product package tag goes for $.25 per tag. Other vendors will be considered in the future which may drive the cost down, but for now, it’s pretty much non-negotiable.

We’ll continue to keep you posted as Colorado paves the way for more states to come!


A National Marijuana Marketplace

Yesterday, December 10, 2013, Uruguay voted to create the first ever national marijuana marketplace.

Before you pack up and move to Uruguay, though, the model they will use requires all aspects of production, sales, and consumption to be overseen by the government. Many Latin American countries and other countries around the world will be watching Uruguay closely to see how they handle this model of legalization, and more may follow in their footsteps.

Under the new law, Uruguay will create a state-run Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis. This department will monitor marijuana planting, harvesting, and sales. Individuals who wish to purchase the drug will be required to enter a state registry, after which they can purchase up to 40 grams a month at pharmacies for $1 a gram.Registered households can also grow up to six plants each, and they can form cooperatives of up to 99 plants together. All of these growers will be required to register their plants with the government.

Two-thirds of Uruguayans actually oppose a government-run marijuana marketplace, but President Jose Mujica is convinced the government can repair some of the damage done by the global drug war.

As always, the new legislation has a number of critics and champions on both sides, but only time will tell the outcome of Uruguay’s model. They have 120 days, until mid-April, to draft regulations for state control over the market.

Another big day in cannabis history.

(Photo by Matilde Campodonico, AP)


Best Job Title Ever: Marijuana Editor

With January 1 looming just around the corner, Colorado is taking its role as a guinea pig for recreational marijuana sales pretty seriously.

Last month we shared that Denver has been buckling down for wafts of cannabis to hit them, with a licensed “smell investigator” prepared to sniff out whether odor restrictions are needed to prevent the streets from being filled with the scent. According to an article in the New York Times this weekend, The Denver Post recently named a marijuana editor – Ricardo Baca.

Ricardo Baca has served at the Post for nearly twelve years as entertainment editor and music critic. In a memo to the newsroom, Post News Director Kevin Dale praised Baca for his work and described his new position as follows:

I’m happy to announce that Ricardo Baca has been appointed the editor of the marijuana website we are building. In this new role, Ricardo will be responsible for building the community and engagement around the site much like he did with Reverb in its early days. Ricardo will be working with editors and reporters in every department to ensure the site is lively, authoritative, in-depth, educational and packed with content spanning regulations to reviews.

For nearly 12 years, Ricardo has been the authority on our music scene, as a critic, the co-founder of the Underground Music Showcase and the founder of Reverb. For the past two years, he has excelled at leading our Entertainment section.

As we’ve said, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is our biggest story in the coming year. Ricardo is the perfect person to lead this charge — and he will need all of our resources.

According to the Times, Baca is in the process of hiring a staff and is reviewing resumes for the position of pot critic. While right now he is being referred to as “Marijuana Editor,” his official title may change to “Cannabis Editor,” as the word marijuana carries negative connotations in some circles.

Since receiving his new title, Baca has appeared on CNN and The Colbert Report. He has even been mentioned on Saturday Night Live and in Great Britain’s The Guardian. With publicity like this, it’s a good thing Colorado is taking its role in legalization history seriously.

We’ll continue to watch Colorado as they serve as pioneers in America’s legalization battle. In the meantime, you can read a live Q&A with Baca here.

Photo by Kevin Moloney for The New York Times



Today, over 800,000 people in North Texas are hungry. Nearly 1 in 4 children in North Texas don’t have a warm meal waiting for them when they come home from school.

During this holiday season of thanks and celebration, please remember those in our community who are cold, hungry, or alone. Although this can be an overwhelming reminder, let’s not allow the feeling of helplessness to stop us from doing something to fight back. Together, we can make an impact!

Thirty years ago, the North Texas Food Bank opened their doors to fight against hunger in our local communities. This year alone, they provided over 62 million nutritious meals to hungry men, women and children in North Texas.

That’s why we’re hosting a raffle for the North Texas Food Bank!

Here are the details:

  • Bring THREE non-perishable food items to The Glass House and receive ONE raffle ticket. (Or, bring SIX for TWO raffle tickets. Or, bring NINE for THREE raffle tickets!)

  • The raffle began on December 1 and will conclude on December 23.

  • Winning tickets will be posted AT THE REGISTER on December 24.

  • Winners can collect their prizes any time between December 24 and January 1, 2014.

You don’t have to be present to win, but you MUST collect your prize by January 1.

Thank you for helping us make the holiday season a little brighter for hungry families in our community.

In the news – Florida medical marijuana amendment

Tomorrow is a big day for medical marijuana in the state of Florida.

Tomorrow, the Florida Supreme Court justices will hear arguments about a proposal that will *fingers crossed* appear on the November 2014 ballot – a proposal to legalize medical marijuana.

Eight out of 10 Florida voters support medical use of marijuana according to a recent poll, and as long as sponsors reach 700,000 validated voter signatures by February 2014, the proposal will appear on the November 2014 ballot.

What is there to argue about, then? Two issues: whether ballot language is accurate, and whether the proposal encompasses a single subject. The state GOP leaders and others critical of a medical marijuana amendment believe the language would lead to more recreational use of marijuana rather than just being used to treat critical illness. They also argue that it is too broadly written to fit the “single subject” requirement.

Despite the opposition, the proposal has garnered enough popularity to become a hot issue in Florida. Supporters like former House Speaker Jon Mills, trial lawyer and major funder John Morgan, and several policy groups have been vocal in their arguments in favor of the amendment, appealing to the public’s sensitive side. According to an article in the Herald Tribune, Morgan appeared in a radio ad with the following quote:

“Medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones relief they need, helping with pain, appetite, seizures and spasms. Unfortunately, Tallahassee politicians refused to vote on the issue last session. They wouldn’t even hear testimony from patients and their families. Therefore, we will take this act of mercy to you, the people.”

What will the outcome be? Only time will tell! We’re rooting for you, Florida.


The Bears Lose. Cannabis Wins?

Okay, Bears fans, this wasn’t your best weekend. Let’s talk about Chicago for a second.

This past summer, Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that will make Illinois the 20th state to allow medical marijuana use beginning January 1, 2014. It establishes a four-year pilot program that will allow patients suffering with one of 42 named illnesses to be prescribed marijuana for treatment and pain management. The permitted “dosage” maxes out at 2.5 ounces per two week.

The state law, while something worth celebrating, is apparently the nation’s toughest yet. Only 22 growing centers are permitted, and they are prohibited from opening within 2,500 feet of a school, day care center, or residential area. The maximum number of dispensaries caps at 60, and these are banned from opening in a private home, residential area, or within 1,000 feet of a school or day care center.

Of course it can’t be that easy, though. According to the Sun-Times and the Tribune, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Edward Burke and the city’s Department of Planning and Development think more rules are needed! They introduced a plan last week to further limit where dispensaries and growing operations can set up shop in the city. This proposal includes the following restrictions:

Dispensaries and “cultivation centers” must be located in manufacturing districts.

Parking spaces at dispensaries and “cultivation centers” would be limited depending on the size of the facility.

Special-use permits from Chicago’s Zoning Board of Appeals would be required, allowing residents to object.

Come on, Chicago. We know you’re upset about the Bears, but really? Sounds like a lot of restrictions. But still, baby steps…we’ll take it.