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Archive for January, 2014

MJ Menu for Super Bowl Weekend

Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone! Did you notice that one of the major news stories circulating right now is that former Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo saw some of his teammates smoking marijuana during the week of one his two Super Bowls? It must have either been after the 2006 season or after last season, but he won’t tell. How is this kind of thing making the news? Who knows? But apparently Ayanbadejo was surprised to see his teammates using marijuana just a few days before the Bowl. Awwwww.

Super Bowl Prediction? Mary Jane.

Denver vs. Seattle: in the real life Weed Bowl, Denver would definitely win, since they’ve literally already set up shop (marijuana shops, that is). Unfortunately, real life Weed Bowl is not a real thing. So…the Super Bowl is this Sunday!

As we’ve mentioned before, NORML put forth their best efforts to have a pro-legalization commercial run during the Big Game. Despite a flood of support from citizens nationwide – including us, and you – they were shot down in the third round. You know, at the point where the company got to make the final decision instead of the voters. Go figure.

But, the Marijuana Policy Project had another idea. They posted advertisements on billboards near Mile High Stadium before the first game of the Broncos’ season on Sept. 5, and now they’re going all out for the Super Bowl. They’ve rented several 60-foot-wide billboards in New Jersey, highly visible and within easy driving distance of MetLife Stadium.

The MPP billboards have a simple message – marijuana is safer than alcohol. Why punish players for making safer, healthier choices? Go MPP!

In the meantime, now we have fodder for endless puns about football and stoners. There’s now a website at where you can purchase Stoner Bowl swag. Check it out! As they say, “You don’t need to cheer for Seattle or Denver. You just need to cheer for Mary Jane.”

Racism = Bad. Ganja = Good.

Anyone remember the days when ganja grew freely in the United States? How about Brooklyn, specifically? You don’t have to, because the Huffington Post published an article this weekend with photos! It also hints at the reasons marijuana was prohibited in the first place – a renegade against the plant with massive racist, classist undertones and a lot of exaggerated warnings.

Say what, Obama?

Remember how Obama made some comments about marijuana over the weekend? Yeah, about that. When important elected officials make statements about controversial issues, there tends to be a flood of voices in response.

(In case you don’t remember, over the weekend Obama declared his support for the legalization of the drug, but shared it with the following discretionary statement: “As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol…it’s not something I encourage, and I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy.”)

So, who has been talking back?

1. Anti-drug groups.

The Drug-Free America Foundation (among many other anti-drug groups) wasn’t a big fan of Obama’s views:

“His laissez-faire attitude about legalization has drug policy and prevention experts scratching their heads in confusion as to why the President will not give clear guidance on this important issue…President Obama is surrounded by a myriad of experts who have voiced serious concerns about the harms of marijuana and rejected legalization, so either he is seriously ill-informed about the issue or is completely ignoring warnings from his highly-esteemed advisers.


In their report on Obama’s statements, NORML noted the following:

“Perhaps President Obama will continue to evolve and find himself on the right side of history when it comes to marijuana legalization. It would take just one simple Executive Order to deschedule marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and help institute some real lasting change in our nation’s failed war on cannabis. At a minimum, these statements show just how far we have come from the ‘Just Say No’ era of American politics.”

Is deschedule a word? Who cares.

3. All of the media. It’s blowing their minds.

No, like they really don’t seem to know what to do with it – maybe because the statements seem incredibly contradictory to federal policy…and even to themselves. It seems that everyone publishes different facts about the drug, but CNN is trying to sift through to the truth. Thank you, CNN.

Their article covers everything from addiction to weight gain, comparing and contrasting the effects of alcohol and marijuana. Check it out here.


Your Weed or Your Gun?

On January 1, marijuana was approved for medical use in the state of Illinois – but of course we know it will take some time for them to get their policies and procedures in order. CNN published an article this morning with a long list of proposed regulations. The Illinois Department of Public Health will take public comment on these rules until February 7 and then submit them to a legislative panel for approval by the end of April.

The gist:

Adults who have any of 41 specified medical conditions, such as cancer, AIDS or complex regional pain syndrome, may apply to get a patient registry ID card to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks, unless a doctor prescribes more.

The proposed rules:

Adults 18 or over who want to qualify for a patient registry ID card must…

  • Submit to fingerprints and a background check

  • Pay a fee of $150/year

  • Give up their firearm(s), even if they carry the proper permits

  • Have a “bona fide” doctor who can truly vouch for the patient’s medical condition

  • Not be employed as a police officer, firefighter, or school bus or commercial driver

Patients would apply annually, and the state would have 180 days to approve or deny their applications.

And of course, the state of Illinois is still considering rules and regulations for where smoking marijuana will be acceptable, and how and where cultivation centers and dispensaries will be permitted to operate.

Let us know what you think of Illinois’ strict proposal in the Comments below or on our Facebook page!

A Weekend for Weed

It’s official – this year, we’ll see the Denver Broncos play the Seattle Seahawks at the Super Bowl, earning it the affectionate title of “Weed Bowl.” You could say, though, that Colorado has already beaten Washington at that, with their recreational marijuana retailers already up and running.

The “Weed Bowl” concept had the potential to be even more. Had NORML won the Intuit “Small Business, Big Game” contest that promised the winner a coveted Super Bowl commercial spot, we would be seeing a pro-legalization commercial during the Big Game. Unfortunately although they made it through the few two rounds, Intuit cut them before the third “for reasons not communicated.”

More big news for legalization over the weekend – in an interview with the New Yorker, President Barack Obama made some interesting statements regarding his views.

On Colorado and Washington, Obama said that “it’s important for [legalization efforts] to go forward because it’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished.”

His reasoning: “Middle-class kids don’t get locked up for smoking pot, and poor kids do … And African-American kids and Latino kids are more likely to be poor and less likely to have the resources and the support to avoid unduly harsh penalties.”

On a more personal note, he shared, “As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol…it’s not something I encourage, and I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy.”

So, Obama’s views on marijuana use are vague and politically correct, but he’s open to moving forward on legalization.

It’s been an exciting weekend for marijuana advocates…who knows what could be next?

Tools to Help You Concentrate

Dabbers, vapers, concentrate lovers – waste no more! A Cannabis Cup prizewinner, the Oil Slick Pad will keep your glass protected and your resin recoverable.

Oil Slick is a company based out of Bellingham, Washington dedicated to providing effective solutions to the concentrate market. They work closely with Extraction Artists in the area to brainstorm creative products that will meet the unique needs of artists and consumers alike.

So, how do the products work? Oil Slick uses a reinforced FDA-approved silicone surface that is nonstick, heat resistant, solvent resistant, and completely reusable. It is microwave and hot-plate safe, and spreads heat evenly. Oil Slick products can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The silicone surface is medical grade, often used in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory tubing. Unlike Food Grade silicone, this USP6 material is completely free of manufacturing byproducts and is comprised only of pure silicone.

We highly recommend the Oil Slick Pad, which is a convenient size and allows you to handle the stickiest resin with no waste and no mess. It’s perfect for drying water extracts, keeps sticky tools clean, and keeps slippery glass in place. If you lose oil during use, no worries – the Slick Pad makes it easy to recover.

Other Oil Slick products include:

  • Slick Slab – like the Slick Pad, but six square feet of it. It will turn any large surface into a perfect display for tools, glass, and concentrates.

  • Slick Sheet – a disposable alternative to parchment paper.

  • Slick Ball – concentrate containers made of Platinum Cured, Medical Grade silicone. Perfect for storing sticky extracts.

  • Slick Ball Minis – smaller, adorable version of the Slick Ball.

  • Slick Stack – concentrate container similar to the Slick Ball, but designed for a more convenient carry.

If you have any questions or would like to check out Oil Slick products, stop by either of our locations or give us a call. Happy extracting!

Cannabis Cup – Los Angeles Edition

The Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup is less than a month away! What better way to get rid of your winter blues than to plan your trip?

This year’s Los Angeles Cannabis Cup will take place February 8-9 at the National Orange Show (NOS) Events Center in San Bernadino, California. Like the Amsterdam event, the LA Cannabis Cup includes an expo for marijuana-related products, live music, and the infamous cannabis competition. The expo will also feature cultivation seminars with High Times editors, activism sessions with leaders of the medical marijuana movement and major cannabis celebrities, and a pot party with surprise musical guests! Of course, a fabulous awards ceremony will end the weekend on a “high” note.

Obviously recreational marijuana is still illegal in California, making the event a little different from Amsterdam’s. The competition is limited to legally operating, licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of California. While Amsterdam offers strains from a variety of international sources, the California cup is more limited.

Anyone 18 or older can attend the event, but no toking unless you are a valid California medical marijuana patient. High Times knows this is a bummer for some, but they have kept the ticket prices as low as possible to make up for it – a 2-day VIP ticket is only $85. Plus, the extra seminars and sessions with some of the world’s leading cannabis activists and celebrities will really make this event unique.

Please let us know if you plan to go! And happy toking, everyone!

Blast Off with the Launch Pad Light!

Tired of your boring, clear glass? Today we’re showcasing a product that will showcase your glass and literally light up your smoking experience. Can you handle the Blast Off?

The Launch Pad was just “launched” in October 2013, so it’s a pretty new product, meaning you can still be the first of your friends to grab it. How does it work? Simple. You center the glass on top of your Launch Pad, press the button at the base of the pad and watch the light show begin. The lights at the base will cause the water, smoke and clear glass to change colors in a brilliant display.

The Launch Pad is battery-operated with great life, is easy to use and has elegant, compact design. Plus, it’s a great way to entertain your friends! And in our professional opinion, the more you use it in one sitting, the more fascinating it gets.

Your glass does a lot for you, and it deserves a little love. Let the Launch Pad help you and your glass blast off to a new level. Come in to either of our locations so we can show you! We’re looking for any excuse to check out the light show that is the Launch Pad. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.

Marijuana Fact or Fiction?

Since January 2nd, when the Daily Currant posted a hilariously snarky article about the first day of marijuana legalization in Colorado, a flood of comments and response articles have hit the web regarding its accuracy. Sarcasm is hard sometimes, we know.

The Daily Currant article joked that we made a terrible mistake, with marijuana overdoses responsible for the deaths of 37 people alone on the first day of legalization. Other than the fact that no one NOT ONE PERSON has ever died of a marijuana overdose, the dead giveaway that the Daily Currant was just doing their thang – makin’ jokes – was the reference to Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former meth dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder establish a legal marijuana dispensary. Damn! And just when we thought Jesse was clean…

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good Breaking Bad reference?

Unfortunately, jokes are a lot less funny when you have to explain them.

But since we’re on the topic…the Drug Policy Alliance has provided 10 facts about marijuana on their website that we think are worth sharing here. That so many people thought the article in the Daily Currant was the real deal tells us that we still have a long way to go in educating the public about marijuana use. You’ll find the 10 facts below, but please visit the website to read more about their research and how they reached these conclusions.

  1. Most marijuana users never use any other illicit drug.

  2. Most people who use marijuana do so occasionally. Increasing admissions for treatment do not reflect increasing rates of clinical dependence.

  3. Claims about increases in marijuana potency are vastly overstated. In addition, potency is not related to risk of dependence of health impacts.

  4. Marijuana has not been shown to cause mental illness.

  5. Marijuana use has not been shown to increase risk of cancer.

  6. Marijuana has been proven helpful for treating the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions.

  7. Marijuana use rates in the Netherlands are similar to those in the United States despite very different policies.

  8. Marijuana has not been shown to cause long-term cognitive impairment.

  9. There is no compelling evidence that marijuana contributes substantially to traffic accidents and fatalities.

  10. Roughly three quarters of a million people are arrested for marijuana each year, the vast majority of them for simple possession.

There. Now go help educate your friends and families!


The hustle of the holidays is over, the New Year has come and gone, and now we’ve entered the time of year where we can all be thankful we live somewhere with mild winters as our friends up north complain about the cold and the snow.

Except for today. It’s cold right now.

Even if the winter is milder here, we still like to hibernate through January. It’s one of the year’s quietest months, and it gives us the opportunity to detox from the hell we put our bodies through during the holidays. Recently we learned that many people choose to detox by celebrating (“celebrating”) Drynuary, or Dry January.

The rules of Drynuary are simple –abstain from booze during January. John Ore, Drynuary leader and expert, explains his reasons for observing this brief stint of prohibition, including mental clarity, a respite from the gluttony of the holidays, a valuable exercise in self-discipline, better sleep, fewer calories, and in some way, a spiritual ritual. Starting the year off with a dry month just feels like a healthy thing to do, both physically and mentally. It’s also nice that Drynuary participants have the community of others through Twitter and Instagram (#Drynuary) to share ideas for non-alcoholic beverages and activities.

Here at the Glass House, we were thinking…Drynuary means abstaining from booze, but all other vices are fair game. And obviously we have plenty of products for smokers and tokers. If you’re taking a break from alcohol this month (or even if you aren’t), don’t forget to stop by and pick up a new pipe, vaporizer, or other accessories to distract you from that pesky prohibition decision you made! We’ve got you covered.

Tell us about your Drynuary experience or your New Year’s resolutions on Facebook or in the comment section below, and then tell us how we can help you succeed!


January 1, 2014 has come and gone. Over a dozen marijuana stores opened in Colorado on New Year’s Day, licensed by the state to sell up to an ounce for recreational use. Washington is reviewing over 300 applications for state licenses for marijuana stores expected to begin opening in the spring.

So, how were the first two and a half days of legalized recreational marijuana? Is the scent wafting through the streets of Denver, distracting everyone from their daily routines? Have marijuana-related deaths increased due to overdoses and high driving? Are school children putting in more orders for fake ID’s so they too can purchase this crazy cannabis drug?

Au contraire! There’s no such thing as a marijuana overdose, silly!

You know what, though?

Anyway, no, the scent isn’t wafting through the streets, the people of Colorado are hard at work, children are safe, and marijuana is legal. And the residents love it, and we might be a little jealous.

Also, you guys should definitely check out this Huffington Post recap of just how happy Colorado residents are. Welcome to 2014!