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Archive for February, 2014

Getting Kinky

“Don’t let Bill O’Reilly or Nancy Grace tell you [marijuana] is a gateway drug. Everybody knows the gateway drug of Texas is beer!”

You know him as an American country singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician, and former columnist for Texas Monthly who fits the bill of a Will Rogers or a Mark Twain. He’s Richard Samet “Kinky” Friedman and he’s running for the office of Texas Agricultural Commissioner in an attempt to “sew the seeds of change” by ending the prohibition on pot and hemp in the great state of Texas.

It seems like most people aren’t taking his candidacy seriously, but his response?

“I’m dead serious about this run and about pushing for legalization. Marijuana is at the heart of a crucial matrix that, if we can get it straightened out and in motion, will become a great economic engine we can use to solve some of the biggest problems we face as a state. It’s time Texans asked themselves: Are we going to secede or are we going to lead?”

In the March 4th Democratic Primary, Kinky Friedman is one name you’ll see on the ballot. And whether you consider yourself Republican, Democrat, Moderate, Libertarian, Socialist, or Anarchist…or whether you think he’s a joke or a serious political animal, we bet you can still find a few reasons to like Kinky Friedman. You know, just as a man.

Top 7 Non-Political Things to Like About Kinky Friedman in No Particular Order:

1. His nickname is Kinky. Let’s look that up on Urban Dictionary. The #1 definition: “Foot-sucking, rubber wearing, pee on me, fruit-fuckin’, candlewax drippin’, long fingernail scrapin’, tossed salad eatin’, multiple partner havin’, she-male, oil-drenched, chocolate sauce, whipped cream covered, vibrator usin’, dress-up, banned in 30 states type of sex.” Urban Dictionary never lets us down.

2. He has a Facebook page called “Where in the World is Kinky Friedman?” This throwback to Carmen Sandiego makes us happy, and the reason for the page is pretty exciting as well. The man is releasing his own “Man in Black” tequila. He’ll be doing tastings and making appearances all over Texas. Cheers, y’all.

3.  He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malaysia from 1967-1969 building compost heaps. Adorable.

4. He’s the guy who said that he supports gay marriage because “they have a right to be as miserable as the rest of us.” We’ve got YOUR number, Kinky.

5. He loves Jesus. “I just said that Jesus and I were both Jewish and that neither of us ever had a job, we never had a home, we never married and we traveled around the countryside irritating people.” See?

6. He’s written 23 novels. We’ve never read any of them, but they do exist. Most of them are detective novels featuring a fictionalized version of him solving crimes in New York City, which is pretty hilarious, but 23 novels really is a lot of books to complete from start to finish.

7. Willie Nelson likes him as a man, and Willie Nelson is a badass. Kinky doesn’t smoke much pot, but when he does, it’s with Willie Nelson. Because it’s Texas etiquette.

Other sources…

And of course Wikipedia.

Toking in Texas

No, it’s not an episode of Friday Night Lights. But it could be.

Last weekend, Texas A&M defensive lineman Isaiah Golden, his buddy and teammate Darian Claiborne, and top recruit Devante Noil were parked in a handicapped spot outside of a College Station apartment complex. And what scent do you think was wafting from the vehicle?

You got it–the sweet, sweet scent of burning cannabis. Police officers sensed it. Not good.

When the cops searched the vehicle, they found just under 2 grams of marijuana stashed in a Swisher Sweets pack on the ground outside the driver’s side of the car (can you say strawberry blunt?), and Golden admitted it was his. This confession earned him a possession charge resulting in arrest, from which he was released on a $2,000 bail.

The cops also found a bottle of liquor in the car, and all three boys are under the legal drinking age. We’re not really sure why the police decided to press charges for marijuana possession and not underage drinking. We don’t know whether or not the bottle was sealed. But we’re hoping it was, because otherwise, Texas cops were truly minimizing alcohol abuse by minors and the dangers of drinking and driving.

Not only would they be disregarding the alcohol offense, but they would be distorting the perception of marijuana as a drug worse than alcohol, which we know to be completely false. Funny how most news outlets aren’t reporting the liquor at all – they’re focused on the possession and Claiborne’s noise violation.

Either way, both the Texas governor and the law enforcement has a long way to go in educating themselves and the public about the true nature of the drug.

What can you do to help move the process along?

The Dallas Fort Worth chapter of NORML just announced the 2nd Annual Texas Regional NORML Conference in Fort Worth – you should plan to attend. It will be taking place from June 6-8 at the Norris Conference Center, and general attendee badges for members are only $25. We’ll have more information about the event as it gets closer. In the meantime, if you aren’t already a member, you should join! If you’re passionate about marijuana legalization and public education, they need your voice.


Pure genius: Girl Scout cookies + cannabis dispensaries

It’s that time of year again…how quickly we forget our New Year’s resolutions to get healthy when little girls in uniform are standing outside grocery stores peddling the most delicious cookies of all time. Do-si-dos. Thin Mints. SAMOAS.

Girl Scouts selling cookies. They’re everywhere! Co-workers bring in their daughters’ order forms and you would feel bad saying no, wouldn’t you? They come knocking on your door, they stand outside of 7-11 – you can’t avoid them, and deep down you really don’t want to. If they weren’t everywhere, we would probably just go looking for them.

Colorado Girl Scouts, listen up! The Girl Scouts in San Francisco have gotten increasingly entrepreneurial. 13-year old Danielle Lei set up shop in front of a medical cannabis collective last week, and she sold 117 boxes within 45 minutes. That must be a record.

Taking it one step further, in Arizona, 8-year old Lexi Menees secured a deal with a dispensary. For every customer who buys at least half an ounce of cannabis, they will receive a free box of cookies. Lucky ducks.

Of course, selling cookies outside of a cannabis dispensary is pure genius and true entrepreneurial spirit. But, not all parents are on board with the idea. Cannabis itself causes quite a bit of controversy among parents, and now Girl Scouts selling outside of dispensaries? Lei’s local Girl Scouts chapter said it was up to parents and volunteers to make “wise decisions for their girls” and she was accompanied on her stall by her mother.

To those parents who are uncomfortable with the idea…we can’t force you to light up, but maybe you should lighten up. Pass the cookies!

Heidi Carney speaks with her husband, Justin Menees, while their daughter, Lexi, 8, sells Girl Scout Cookies outside a marijuana dispensary in Phoenix. Photo: AP.



Remember the THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS campaign from the 80’s? Spoiler alert: your brain on drugs is a fried egg. But seriously, generalizations like “drugs fry your brain” really fail to explain a) what drugs actually fry your brain, and b) how they fry your brain.

The following Upworthy video takes an interesting look at how THC interacts with your brain. As the poster asks, “why does the inhaled smoke from a specific plant make you feel like every thought you have deserves its own doctoral thesis?” Neuroscience has the answer, and it’s explained in this succinct little video:


Last month, Governor Rick Perry linked marijuana legalization to MURDER, and warned that decriminalizing the drug would send the message that it’s okay. Apparently he doesn’t want to join the “marijuana parade.” Sigh. Buzzkill.

So what are other states up to? New poll results are popping up all over the place in preparation for 2014 and 2016 elections. Let’s check ‘em out.

Arizona: After a poll of 701 adult heads of household in Arizona, 51% said the drug should be made available for recreational use. If the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) gets their way, maybe we’ll see legalization in Arizona in 2016.

California: We thought California might be ready to legalize this year. It’s the hippie state, after all. But backers of the Control, Regulate and Tax Marijuana Act said they’ve stopped gathering signatures to put the measure on the ballot this year. They want to wait to put more pieces in place and “do it right” rather than “do it fast.”

Minnesota: A new Star Tribune Minnesota poll shows 51% of the state in favor of legalization for medicinal use, but still 63% in opposition to legalization for recreational use. Come on, Minnesota, what else is there to do up there?

Missouri: A recent poll commissioned by Show-Me Cannabis found that only 45% of likely voters in the November 2014 elections would vote favorably for marijuana legalization. But there is better news!  When 2016 likely voters were included, support for legalization grew to 52%.

New York: New Yorkers really want their pot to be legalized, according to a poll from Quinnipiac University. 88% of state voters support legalizing medical marijuana, and 57% support complete legalization of the drug in reasonable amounts. Unfortunately the governor isn’t as excited as his citizens. Kind of like us.

So, who will be next to legalize? “Johnny Green” at The Weed Blog thinks Alaska and Oregon. Alaska is the only state so far to have a marijuana legalization initiative on their ballot this year, and they’ll be voting on it in August. Oregon is trying to gather signatures now for two ballot initiatives which seem to be gaining some momentum, so he predicts we’ll see legalization there as well. But only time will tell!

Are you involved in any legalization efforts here locally? Let us know! Contact us on Facebook, in the Comment section, or at either of our locations.

Marijuna – Performance-Enhancing?

If you were a cross-country skier vying for the gold medal at the Sochi Olympic Games in front of an international audience of millions, would you hit a bowl, you know, like an hour before competing?

Probably not. But if you have counted on misinformation from the media to provide you with all the knowledge you have about the drug, then maybe you’re afraid toking would enhance your performance, and your impending win just wouldn’t be fair.

Marijuana is listed as a banned drug by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which rules events like the Olympics. Officials consider marijuana to be a performance-enhancing drug and a violation of the “spirit of the sport.” However, WADA changed the threshold for THC testing last May from 15 nanograms per milliliter of urine to 150 ng/mls. WADA says that anyone who fails the new test would have to be a “pretty dedicated cannabis consumer.” So, they’re still testing, but they’ve increased their restricted limit.

Still, according to WADA Board members, the organization still believes that marijuana can be a performance-enhancing stimulant. This belief alone is a controversial one that has incited plenty of debate. We can’t really imagine smoking weed before any athletic event, ever. In fact, we think it would probably do the opposite of enhance speed or technique, and athletes under the influence would maybe rather just eat a sandwich and think about the Universe. But what do we know?

In response to such arguments, WADA would say that using cannabis can reduce stress, speed recovery, and provide other advantages – so toking right before an event may not be helpful, but marijuana use in general could be. We’re glad they’re admitting that! But a number of natural herbs and vitamins can also reduce stress and speed recovery, and we’re pretty sure those wouldn’t appear on the banned substances list. So…again, logic doesn’t seem to be a ruling factor here.

WADA’s final concern about marijuana is that it violates the spirit of the sport. Subjectivity at its finest.

So what happens if an athlete does test positive for marijuana use? A four-year ban from competing, which was recently increased from two years. All samples are held for ten years, up from eight years, which means they can be re-tested as new detection procedures are developed. Ew.

So that’s that – marijuana and the Olympics. Never a dull moment!

Congress. They’ve had it.

Well, Obama, now that you’ve said it, you can’t take it back. When he made the following statement a few weeks back, how did he think folks would respond?

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

So…let’s get this straight. Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol? That’s interesting, because it is still listed in the federal Controlled Substances Act at Schedule I, which is the strictest classification, right up there with heroin. Meth and cocaine, on the other hand, are Schedule II – supposedly less dangerous.

But we know this isn’t true, and now Obama has admitted that he knows it too. We’ve heard responses from anti-drug groups, pro-legalization groups, and the media. Now Congressmen are talking back too.

On Wednesday, a bipartisan group of 18 Congressmen sent President Obama a letter explaining that his administration has the power (and responsibility) to move marijuana down on the list of controlled substances. The group is requesting that he direct Attorney General Eric Holder to make this change, which he does have the authority to do under Title 21 of the United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act.

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer sums it up well in a news release:

“Cocaine and methamphetamine are more dangerous than marijuana. Everyone knows this. Tobacco, which is a legal substance, kills an estimated 443,000 people a year, while there are no recorded examples of marijuana overdoses. The Administration needs to recognize the relative dangers of these drugs if it wants to restore its credibility.”

Great call, Congress members! And, if you’re interested in a pretty in-depth ranking and analysis of common drugs, check out this fascinating blog post. It’s a lot to summarize, but a great read.

Special Delivery!

Special delivery! Need some MJ in the next 45 minutes? If you live in Seattle, you can have it delivered right to your doorstep by Winterlife Coop Cannabis Delivery Service.

You would think weed delivery would be the result of Washington’s legalization efforts, but it isn’t. Winterlife is still breaking federal and state laws by selling without a license. Oh well! They don’t mind. They don’t think the law will be a problem for them; after all, they’re a “family-based” business that pays their state taxes and requires customers to be over 21 to place orders. See? They have standards!

But seriously, with Washington in such an interesting, in-between position in regards to recreational marijuana, Winterlife probably isn’t in any danger of being shut down.

So, how does it work? First, you check out the daily menu on their website and decide what and how much you want. Then, you call their client hotline (7 days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) and place the order (minimum $50 purchase). Finally, within 45 minutes, a “critter” will deliver the goods by bicycle. Payment is by cash only, and you must have a valid photo ID upon delivery. There’s also a client/provider agreement to sign the first time you order.

Okay, you MUST be wondering what a “critter” is. All Winterlife employees are known as “critters” and use code names like Fox, Owl, or Bear rather than their real names. Kind of like Breaking Bad…poor Badger. :(


Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last delivery service that pops up in Washington (and Colorado), and here’s to hoping that we see more states hop on the legalization bandwagon!


2014 LA Cannabis Cup Winners Announced

While you were watching the Olympics this weekend, another competition was happening in Los Angeles! According to the highlights on the High Times website, the attendees of High Times LA Cannabis Cup had a great time celebrating and smoking despite cool temps and cloudy skies. With live music, informative panels, free dabs, and some fascinating subjects for people-watching, how could they not?

So, the best of the west as deemed by this weekend’s Cannabis Cup judges:

The Cloud V took first place in Best Product, followed closely by Oil Slick and the G Pen. (By the way, you can grab any of these products right here at The Glass House!)

In Best Glass, Hitman Glass by Rob Morrison took first, Sheldon Black came in second place, and last but not least, Silika made third.

For strains with high CBD, which works wonders for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from pain and other symptoms rather than just a head high, Johnny’s Tonic from Elemental Seeds took the flower prize, CBD Simple from CannaVest won in Concentrates, and CBD Lollipops from Bay Meds Delivery & MTG Seeds knocked edibles out of the park.

Other first place winners include:

  • Best Non-Solvent Hash – BAMF Private Reserve OG Solventless from BAMF Extractions for VFL Collection
  • Best Concentrate – Kosher OG from TerpX for Grateful Meds
  • Best Sativa – Red Dragon from RCP Sacramento
  • Best Hybrid – Gorilla Glue #4 from Standard Seed Collective
  • Best Indica – XXX OG from Life is Good Healing

Congratulations to all the winners!

For the full list of awards and photos from the event, check out And if you were there, don’t forget to share your pictures and stories on Facebook!

Sochi or Los Angeles?

It’s FINALLY here! The Los Angeles Cannabis Cup!

Oh, right. And the Olympics. But also the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Is anyone headed there this weekend? If you are, share your stories and photos with us on Facebook! Last minute tickets are still available on the High Times website if you’re looking for a weekend getaway.

The next High Times Cannabis Cup event is in Denver during the weekend of April 18-20, 2014. High Times’ first two events in Denver were restricted to medical patients only, but you can imagine how the it changed last year after Colorado voters legalized adult, recreational use of marijuana. It was the most successful Cannabis Cup ever! We expect this year will be even more epic.

Of course, the 2014 Winter Olympics have also officially kicked off in Sochi, Russia. If you’ve heard, read, and watched way too much news about the half-finished Olympic Village conditions, human rights violations, and travel warnings, you’re in good company here. It’s all pretty heavy stuff.

So, for something a little different (and a little lighter), check out Crave Online’s “Amazing Olympic Facts” video and impress your friends with all your obscure, Olympics-related knowledge.

For instance, you’ll learn that Ross Rebagliati took home the very first Gold medal for snowboarding in 1998, but then had it taken away from him the very next day after it was discovered that he’d been smoking the reefer. He denied that allegation, but he also later opened his very own cannabis cafe called “Ross’ Gold,” so…you can drawn your own conclusions there.

If you’re headed to the Cannabis Cup this weekend – enjoy! And if you’re staying in watching the Olympics, you can still celebrate the Cannabis Cup from afar. Cheers!


A Cure for the Common Cold

‘Tis the season for sickness, am I right? When the weather forecast is 60 degrees one day and 35 the next, your poor little immune system just doesn’t know what to do. So it wreaks havoc on your body in the form of the flu, the common cold, bronchitis, and other icky ish. In fact, right now there are probably more than a handful of people reading the Yahoo answers to questions like “will smoking make my cold worse” and “can marijuana ease my flu symptoms.” Well, you can stop asking Yahoo. We’re here to help. Those people are freaky anyway.

Here’s the deal: don’t smoke when you have a cold. Or the flu. Or especially bronchitis. You were really on Yahoo! answers because you wanted someone to convince you that what you already know is mistaken, and smoking is no big deal when you’re sick. But you know it and we know it. Smoke will irritate your already irritated respiratory system. It will take you longer to get better, which means it will take you longer to really enjoy the taste again. Plain and simple – don’t do it.

That’s the bad news. Now for the good news!

If you have a vaporizer, you’re pretty much in the clear. It’s still a good idea to be careful, of course, and maybe partake a little less, but the vape will be much gentler on your lungs and will give your body the opportunity to recover. Better yet, mix eucalyptus oil, peppermint, or lavender with your stash to help you on your way to recovery.

Edibles are another good option, but you can take it one step further! Hot tea is a given when you’re fighting the winter woes. Why not spike it with a little MJ? Here’s the quick and dirty recipe, thanks to 420 Times:


- Milk (To taste – but the more, the better)

- Water (To taste)

- 1 gram of the good stuff, ground. Or more. Your call.

- Strainer

- Bag of your favorite tea (We suggest the Traditional Medicinal seasonal teas, like Gypsy Cold Care)

- 2 saucepans


- Pour water and milk into saucepan and heat until simmering

- Put your plant into the saucepan, let sit for 15 minutes

- Strain contents of saucepan into second saucepan

- Pour the milk/water mixture into your cup with the teabag.

- Cheers!

What’s your magic cure for the common cold?


Denver’s loss at the Super Bowl this weekend pales in comparison to another loss. The story made its rounds on social media in minutes – Philip Seymour Hoffman, only 46 years old, was found dead in his apartment of a massive heroin overdose, the needle still in his arm.

Countless tributes have been crafted and posted by renowned magazines and news outlets internationally, and we know we can’t compete. But Hoffman will be counted among the most important voices in the industry and we lost him too early. His exceptional talent makes the term

“artist” more appropriate than “actor,” and he possessed the uncanny ability to mystify audiences with any character – from the intensity of a priest accused of sexual abuse (Doubt) to the silliness of a stoner’s personal assistant (The Big Lebowski).

Hoffman was fairly clear about his history with drugs in the past. Before a brief stint in rehab last year, he had been sober since the age of 22. We may joke about stoners a lot, and post recipes about pot brownies, but heroin is different. A horse of a different color. Heroin is not something to be taken lightly. We won’t list all of the facts and figures here, but we do encourage you to check out the Drug Policy Alliance’s website for more information.

While we grieve the early loss of this great talent, we’re thankful for the time we did have to see him thrive.