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Archive for November, 2014

It’s Thanksgiving Time

Update from Monday – the Cannabis Cup continues in Amsterdam, in spite of a shaky first day and some significant trouble with the Mayor’s office. Now, we can move on to other things, like Thanksgiving – a holiday that celebrates colonialism and consumerism! But it also celebrates important things like family, friends, football and food, so at least there’s that.

Here’s one way to celebrate your family and friends – share some special food with them! Or, use some special food to more calmly deal with them. Two great options there. So, if you’re a first-timer wanting to bake or cook with ganja, where do you start?

Last Thanksgiving, we shared our tips on how to make just about anything using butter, flour or cooking oil. You can see those directions here. Something to keep in mind – you can use oil, tincture or finely ground flower with these recipes, but no matter what, you’re probably not going to trick anyone with these. If you make them right, you’ll be able to taste what they’re loaded with.

Make sure you also check out the special winter recipes often posted at High Times. This week they posted recipes like Black and White Canna-Banana Bread, “Fall Leaves” which involve pie dough, butter, cheese and spices (YUM) and Hot-Buttered “Rum,” but obviously we’re replacing the rum with something greener.

No matter what you do this weekend, we hope you have a wonderful time surrounded by family and friends.

WTF Amsterdam?!

Did you hear the juice about the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup?

That’s right, High Times tried to open its doors to the Cannabis Cup Expo at the Melkweg in Amsterdam yesterday. Amsterdam enjoys the largest and longest Cannabis Cup event High Times hosts, always scheduled for five days during Thanksgiving Week. As stated on their website, the Cannabis Cup has always allowed its judges to “experience true cannabis freely and without worry,” regardless of whether they are card-carrying medical marijuana patients or whether they hail from a region where cannabis is prohibited.

In its previous 26 years, High Times hasn’t had problems with the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Expo. There have never been health or safety issues, nor have they had problems with reckless or lawless attendees. They have a pretty good track record! But yesterday, High Times had to turn people away due to issues with the Mayor’s office.

High Times issued an apologetic statement noting that they were informed by their lawyers from the very beginning that as long as they remained compliant with local regulations, there would be no problems from the Mayor’s office. Unfortunately, they were informed just yesterday morning that if they were to proceed, the event would be shut down and all participants would be arrested.

The Cannabis Cup is up and running again today with a few new regulations and new locations in the works for events later this week, but not without losing a lot of customers and tourists to local coffee shops where consumption is more freely allowed.

Here’s hoping High Times has better luck during the rest of the week!

Photo courtesy

Science Doesn’t Lie.

Have you ever noticed that marijuana legalization debates among the general public typically involve very little research and a lot of rhetoric taken from media reports? And, have you ever noticed that in general, in life, the media doesn’t feel the need to be on the same page as science? BECAUSE SCIENCE IS LIES. That’s why evolution’s not real, obviously. Silly scientists.

Education is SO important when it comes to talking about legalization, especially because the stigma surrounding marijuana gets in the way of the truth. And the truth is that people are suffering in the world who don’t have to be – they are suffering because the drug that can ease their pain, soothe their anxiety and fight their illness isn’t legal. And the uglier truth is that it’s illegal for a whole lot of terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad reasons.

So, for instance, today we learned about a study by a team from St. George’s University of London that shows marijuana can both destroy some cancer cells and reduce the growth of other cancer cells. This isn’t really a new finding! But you don’t see these findings widely published amongst the news media.

According to the Huffington Post, the team of researchers “outlined the ‘dramatic reductions’ they observed in high-grade glioma masses, a deadly form of brain cancer, when treated with a combination of radiation and two different marijuana compounds, also known as cannabinoids. In many cases, those tumors shrunk to as low as one-tenth the sizes of those in the control group.” Wow.

If you’re interested in digging further into studies like this, check out the resources on the NORML website. NORML’s site features medical marijuana reports, health reports, crop reports, economic reports…all you need to do your own research. Follow this link: And share your findings with the unbelievers!!

P.S. Did you see this video that’s been floating around Facebook of the grandmas smoking a bowl for the first time, then playing Cards Against Humanity? There’s something so satisfying about seeing old people hit a bowl and giggle.

Another Thing on Netflix You Need to Watch

Another thing on Netflix you need to watch?…okay, but seriously. When it comes to America’s War on Drugs, Netflix doesn’t disappoint. Every time it cycles through another round of new films, look for new documentaries aimed at educating audiences about what’s going on in the cannabis industry politically, economically and culturally.

This time, we discovered Neurons to Nirvana, a 2013 documentary funded by Kickstarter that looks at the current body of research surrounding psychedelic drugs. Similar to cannabis, psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms get a bad rap – and who really knows why?

Apparently, though, when you peel away the layers of bullshit and propaganda surrounding psychedelics as well as marijuana, what emerges is actually a powerful alternative to pharmaceuticals. If you’re looking for a film to convince someone that legalization is not only a good idea but an important one, this could be it.

Visit the film’s Kickstarter page for MUCH more information about the key researchers behind the project. We love that it was Kickstarter funded, because it gives us that much more confidence in the facts the film reports.

Kathy Bates Loves the Buddha

We assume most of our customers don’t actually watch Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, so we thought we better share this little tidbit with ya. In a special American Horror Story episode of the show, Cohen asked Kathy Bates who the bigger pothead is – Matthew McConaughey or Susan Sarandon.

(Sidenote: If we had to guess, we’d put our money on Susan Sarandon. Sarandon has told Cohen in past episodes that she attends pretty much every awards show stoned, except the Oscars. McConaughey hasn’t smoked since he got arrested in the late 90’s! Okay, we don’t really know that, but still.)

Bates put her money on Sarandon, too. She said, “I actually shared some dope with [her] last June. It was with Melissa McCarthy, we were shooting Tammy and I was staying at Susan’s house…she had some good shit!”

Andy Cohen must have some aversion to the ganja. He loves asking costars and celebrities about their weed smoking habits. Back in March, he and Seth Rogen discussed the many celebrities Rogen has lit up with, including Jonah Hill, Sarah Silverman, Snoop Dogg and Paul Rudd. Rogen also confirmed that James Franco doesn’t smoke – at all. That’s kind of a surprise, but alright!

So, happy Friday! We hope you all have as great a weekend as Kathy Bates and Susan Sarandon!


The NYPD Hates You

Recently New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced that beginning November 19th, possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana will no longer be an arrestable offense. Low-level marijuana possession has been a huge problem for the NYPD, and has tons of racist undertones as well – about 80% of these arrests have been black or Latino. Not cool. Now, with the new policy, anyone caught with a small amount of cannabis will be issued a summons and a ticket for $100. However, anyone caught actually smoking/burning it will still be subject to arrest.

This sounds great, right? Right. But the NYPD isn’t super excited about the policy change. In fact, they’re now planning a “work slowdown” to protest it. High Times notes that in the past, they’ve asked New York City police officers about the numerous drug arrests made, and they always answer that they’re only enforcing the law. Their duty is to enforce the law, so if you want different actions, change the laws.

Well, NYPD, the laws have changed. And now you’re going rogue. As High Times so aptly says, “The NYPD has turned into a rogue force that’s willing to sacrifice the safety of New York City taxpayers, in order to send the mindboggling message that more pot arrests will somehow keep city residents safer.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Image courtesy



This Veterans’ Day, a Portland dispensary called Nectar Cannabis will be honoring US war veterans by offering their first 160 cardholding veteran visitors an ounce of free cannabis. They’re also partnering with industry supporters to sponsor a free veteran-only raffle. The prizes will be a year’s worth of medical marijuana, and the second prize will be 6 months worth.

This time of year reminds us legalization advocates of the true beneficiaries of the medical marijuana movement – veterans being one huge population. Numerous studies have shown that cannabis can significantly alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), making it life-changing for veterans.

PTSD is characterized by three symptoms due to the changes in brain chemistry that occur at the time of the traumatic experience: Three classes of symptoms characterize PTSD: flashbacks to the traumatic event, social isolation and avoidance, and hyper-arousal (resulting in insomnia).

Personal accounts from veterans using pot instead of pills illustrate a stark contrast between the two, with narcotics often related to unpredictable moods and addiction. Cannabis helps alleviate PTSD symptoms, though, especially the anxiety surrounding them. To read more about the science behind pot and PTSD, check out this informative article on Leafly.

From the Glass House, THANK YOU to all of you who have served our country. You’ll always find support from us!


We really enjoyed this Weed 4 America video summarizing election results effecting marijuana. Check it out:

Victory for Marijuana!

Another first Tuesday in November has come and gone, and the marijuana industry looks a little different this morning post-election. Oregon and Alaska become the third and fourth states to legalize recreational marijuana! On top of that, the District of Columbia has legalized it, but because it’s a district rather than a state, Congress could potentially overrule it.

Here are the details.

Oregon – Measure 91

  • Adults can have up to 8 oz. of marijuana at home
  • Adults can have up to 1 oz. of marijuana in public
  • The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate and monitor the marijuana industry
  • Taxes from marijuana sales will fund schools, law enforcement, and drug prevention and education programs

Alaska – Measure 2

  • Adults can have up to 1 oz. of marijuana
  • Adults can grow up to 6 marijuana plants, with no more than 3 being mature, for personal use
  • Marijuana will be regulated like alcohol by legitimate, tax-paying businesses that test their products and require proof of age

Washington, D.C. – Initiative 71

  • Adults can have up to 2 oz. of marijuana
  • Adults can grow up to 3 marijuana plants at home
  • The D.C. Council will decide how marijuana sales will work, and we likely won’t see sales until early 2016

What great successes for marijuana this election! Who knows what the next will bring?


The Knockout!

You’re not going to believe this is real, but let us assure you, it is. Coming January 2015: The Knockout.

The Knockout is a water pipe for people who want to get reallllly fucked up. Not at all surprisingly, it was developed by two engineers and a pilot fresh out of school – probably not ready to give up their days of partying in school. They built a prototype, hired a product design team out of Ottawa, and finally they’re taking pre-orders at

So what is it, exactly? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a knockout. It allows you to chug a beer and then hit the greens. Or chug a beer while you’re hitting the greens. Or hit the greens, then chug a beer. Whatever, however.

The 4 ways to use it:

  1. Beer Shotgun
  2. Waterfall (Gravity Pipe)
  3. Waterpipe
  4. Buckets (Gravity Pipe)

Some product reviews that you will enjoy reading:

a dude from nashville:
“Imagine an erection harder than diamond. Now imagine that huge erection slashing through a pair of denim jeans. That. Just. Happened. This product is a game changer.”

Adrian D:
“I’m a HUGE party animal and I hate always having to construct complicated bongs, water bongs and beer bongs. With this handy little number, I can get crunked (is that still a thing?) in no time.”

Check out the product and the demonstrations here! But first, watch the promo video below. If you’re placing an order, let us know so we can check back with you after January!