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Archive for December, 2014

Christians for Michele Bachmann

It’s important to educate ourselves and others about marijuana use and the science behind it, but sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. Politicians and conservative groups continue to speak out about the (false) dangers of cannabis and refuse to listen to science or reason.

It’s annoying to see the fear-mongers gaining ground. So, in the midst of attempting to educate and advocate, we also can’t help but throw a few jokes in at their expense. That’s why we follow the Christians for Michele Bachmann Facebook page. Okay, is that a little politically incorrect? No, it’s a lot politically incorrect. But it’s hilarious.

For instance, one of their photos went viral and appeared on Doctors TV – it featured a girl in zombie makeup with the headline, “This poor woman was permanently disfigured when her pot bong exploded. Still think marijuanas are safe? Think again!” This is a pretty typical post from CFMB. The Doctors brought the (beautiful) girl from the photo on their show, and they all had a good laugh about the meme.

We kind of loved watching doctors laugh their asses off at the assertion that marijuana could hurt someone. It was pretty amazing. So, if you have a high tolerance for political incorrectness, check out Christians for Michele Bachmann! And don’t worry, it’s not really a group of Christians for Michele Bachmann.

The Smoker’s Club

It’s always nice to see the smart people at NPR writing about marijuana. This month, they published an article about the Smoker’s Club, the community of musicians and individuals both young and old that cross weed culture and rap. They’ve been around since the 1990’s, beginning with rappers like Redman, Method Man and Snoop Dogg. Now names like A$AP Ferg are joining the growing group.

In November, the Smoker’s Club hosted the World Wide Rollers Tour (pun intended), ending in Times Square after 35 performances. NPR says that backstage, the up and coming A$AP Ferg exchanged dabs with DJ Kool Herc, who is really almost too old for us to remember but left a lasting legacy in the hip-hop world.

Marijuana Legalization on Reservation Land

Big news for American Indian reservations – last Thursday, the Justice Department announced that no attorneys are to prohibit any tribes from growing or selling marijuana on reservation lands, regardless of state law. Or federal law, apparently. As quoted in High Times, “the law of the land” will be left up to each tribe, and federal law enforcement CAN prosecute IF requested by the tribes.

What’s the reasoning? Reservations are considered sovereign land. This choice should have been available to them before now. It’s a touchy subject, all things considered. We took their land, bastardized their religion…the least we can do now is pass the peace pipe.

This is also a positive move in light of the problems many tribes have had with alcohol abuse. 12% of deaths among American Indians and Alaskan Natives are alcohol-related, and deaths due to alcohol for these groups are about four times as common as they are in the general United States population. Why is this the case? Basically, a combination of factors – probably some genetic risk factors combined with key environmental factors, like trauma exposure, environmental hardship, and law enforcement troubles on rural reservations.

Terrence McKenna once made a case for legalization stating that if all the individuals who abuse alcohol had the opportunity to legally use marijuana, alcoholism may become much less of a problem all around. We hope the Native American population sees many benefits to their new legalization!


It’s Friday, so why don’t you watch this video of Sarah Silverman getting high?

Do you know what My Drunk Kitchen is? My Drunk Kitchen is Hannah Hart, just a regular 28-year old girl, who hosts a weekly Youtube series where she cooks while drunk. She has tons of great guest stars, including British chef Jamie Oliver, author John Green, and actress Mary-Louise Parker.

More Holiday Gifts for Smokers and Tokers!

Welcome to Part 2 of The Glass House Gift Guide! Check out Part 1, our gift guide for tokers, here. Today, we’re featuring our gift guide for friends and family who may not necessarily be tokers, but who enjoy a little smoke now and then. So, without further ado…

1. Lush e-cigarette juice. What makes Lush different from other e-juices? They come in flavors like Volcano, Gummy, Rescue Me, Misty BJ, Mount and Dew Me, Hello Kitty, etc. So you can send a message AND buy some delicious e-juice for your friends!

2.  Xhale Steam Stones. Xhale Steam Stones have been called “the next generation of hookah,” allowing you to enjoy hookah without tobacco smoke. They come in flavors like mint, guava, rose – just like shisha.

3. A Vatra case. Vatra makes a variety of cases and bags for every piece you could think of, including hookah. Vatra means “fire,” and their cases are discreet, durable, and pretty dapper as well.

4.  A Wonder Wall Tapestry. The Glass House carries beautiful, unique tapestries with a variety of themes, including nature, spirituality, and psychedelics. They’re not just for hippie vans, either – hang them as artwork at home!

5.  Chronic Candy. These hemp-based suckers are 100% legal and contain no THC, and they come in flavors anywhere from strawberry to more cannabis-related, like “Northern Lights.” This candy is produced right in the United States – Pennsylvania to be exact – and is known for their efforts to legalize marijuana.

We hope this gift guide helps you brainstorm gifts for your smoker and toker friends, but if you need more assistance, you can stop in at any of our three locations and we’re happy to help you out!

Dreaming of a Green Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide for Tokers

It’s that time of year…holiday gift guides are everywhere! You can find something for everyone on your list – techies, photographers, sports fans, etc. But where can you find unique, meaningful gifts for the tokers in your life? Right here at one of the three Glass House locations, obviously!

Toker Gift Ideas:

  1. Gorgeous glass. That might be redundant coming from us, but the holidays are the perfect time of year to invest in a special piece for a loved one. How often do you splurge on cool and creative pieces like this dabber and dome by Coyle Glass?

  1. Oil Slick. Concentrate lovers will love YOU forever when they unwrap their new Oil Slick Pad. Award-winning Oil Slick products are perfect for drying water extracts, keeping sticky tools clean, and holding slippery glass in place.

  1. Grunge Off. No one wants to toke out of dirty glass, and if you’re tired of using your friends’ dirty pieces, maybe it’s time to give them a little hint. Grunge Off contains a non-toxic, non-gritty, earth-friendly formula perfect for deodorizing and sanitizing.

  1. An amaaaaaaaaazing grinder. Our suggestion? Check out the Santa Cruz Shedder. It’s the ONLY medical grade grinder in the world. Your friends will love you for proving that every grinding experience isn’t the same.

  1. MagicalButter. Any bakers in your life? They will adore MagicalButter, which grinds, heats and stirs to create herbal butter, oil, tincture, lotion, or whatever else you’re in the mood for. Oh yeah…and it also cleans itself!

Come by any of our three locations for even more gift ideas. And don’t forget to gift yourself. The holiday season can be stressful, but we have some products that will help you relax. Cheers!

Drug! Abuse! Resistance! Education!

After our anger at Patrick Kennedy earlier this week, we thought maybe we’d say something serious about the many concerns expressed by the public about how marijuana legalization will affect teenagers. Probably all of you remember the D.A.R.E program (Drug! Abuse! Resistance! Education!), which has been around since the 1980’s and is still popular in public schools today even though it was declared an “Ineffective Primary Prevention Program” in 2001 by the Surgeon General.

Programs like D.A.R.E. focus on prevent teenage use of controlled drugs, gang membership and violent behavior. They do this with a ten-week interactive in-school curriculum taught by local cops. When you search for information about marijuana on the D.A.R.E. website, you find news articles about the drug…but, interestingly enough, only one-sided news articles. We do a lot of research and read a lot of news about the cannabis industry, including the increasing studies of the drug and its effects. But parents, if you’re using D.A.R.E. as your primary source of information, you aren’t getting the most accurate information.

In an effort to provide more accurate and effective drug information to parents of teenagers, the Drug Policy Alliance is re-releasing the 1999 publication Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens and Drugs authored by Dr. Marsha Rosenbaum. The Weed Blog recently posted about this publication, and seems to recommend it for parents who are interested in combating the Reefer Madness-style fear-mongering when teaching their kids about drug use.

How do you talk to your kids about drug use? Tell us about it in the Comments or on our Facebook page!

The Endless Fear-Mongering About Marijuana Addiction

A piece circulating the internet, picked up by The Atlantic (we expected better), has stated that “the rights of pot smokers and the marijuana industry end where our children’s health begins.” Oh, and it’s not just anyone making statements like this. It’s former US congressman Patrick J. Kennedy from Rhode Island.

Oh, dear. But this isn’t new news – Kennedy has been warning against the devil weed for ages.

The article, entitled “What No One Is Saying About Marijuana,” looks to the future of the marijuana industry as a clone of the big tobacco industry, targeting children and teenagers to begin addiction to the drug early. “Why do we think the legal marijuana industry will behave differently from Big Tobacco?” he asks. “When the goal is addiction, all bets are off.”

Honestly, it’s insulting that Kennedy calls marijuana addictive. In fact, according to recent studies, it has the lowest potential for addiction, even next to caffeine. Perhaps what fear-mongering folks like Kennedy are trying to hide is that not treating a mental illness CAN lead to dependencies, not just on substances, but on other people (codependent relationships, anyone?), on dieting or exercising excessively, on television, or on video games. You’ve seen Hoarders, for God’s sake. Instead of demonizing marijuana, let’s focus on improving mental health in America. Oh wait…MARIJUANA can help with that by reducing anxiety and depression! Awwwww, shit.

And not to drudge up Kennedy’s ghosts or anything, but there may be a reason he’s so anti-all-good-things. Sorry, Kennedy, you made us do it…and it’s all on Wikipedia anyway:

  • He was treated for cocaine use as a teenager.

  • He confessed to abusing drugs and alcohol in college.

  • In 1991 at the age of 27, he and his cousin picked up a couple of girls at a bar, and afterwards, Smith was charged with raping one of the girls. The prosecution alleged that they collaborated to cover up the crime, but Smith was acquitted.

  • In 2006, he crashed his car into a barricade on Capitol Hill after drinking at a bar and mixing prescription drugs.

  • Also in 2006, he sought treatment for an OxyContin addiction.

  • Also in 2006, after the car crash and voluntary treatment, he was ordered in court to attend a rehab program that included weekly urine tests, twice-weekly probation meetings, near-daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and a weekly meeting for recovering addicts.

  • In 2009, he again announced that he had checked into a medical facility for treatment.

  • And, Kennedy suffers from bipolar disorder.

We think it’s important to take these facts into consideration when analyzing Kennedy’s opinions on the marijuana industry.

Amsterdam Announces Cannabis Cup Winners

We hope everyone had a happy, healthy toker Thanksgiving! While we ate until we hated ourselves just like Louis CK taught us, our friends in Amsterdam celebrated the 2014 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup and toked until…well, until they loved their lives even more, probably.

On Thanksgiving Day, High Times announced its winners. The number ones…

  • Best Sativa by a Seed Company – Tangie Crockett’s Cut by Crockett Family Farms

  • Best Indica by a Seed Company – Colorado Bubba by The Vault Genetics

  • Best Hybrid by a Seed Company – Larry OG by The Vault Genetics.

  • Best Import Hash by a Seed Company – Super Lemon OG Concentrate by Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA

  • Best Glass – Roor/Sublimator

  • Best Product – The Loud Seeds Gift Bag

See all the results here.

It’s also worth mentioning that High Times had some drama with the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam this year. We covered it on our blog last week and wanted to share High Times’ great response today. Their struggles with local law enforcement didn’t defeat them – the Cannabis Cup came out on top again! Read about how they found thankfulness amidst a frustrating situation… and view some gorgeous photos too. Visit

And in this season, we hope you know just how thankful we are for you, our customers, our community, and our friends.