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Archive for January, 2015

You can now make purchases from The Glass House online! We are thrilled to launch our new online shop – visit and click “Specials,” or go straight to


In our last post, we talked about the mystery of the cannabis plant . . . and by mystery, we mean, all the things we don’t know because the government won’t let scientists research it. And why won’t they let scientists research a plant? Great question! Think about it.

Anyway, scientists have always found a way to work around stupid government-imposed limitations on knowledge, so research DOES happen. Here’s what it looks like, according to the Washington Post:

  • Researchers CAN get weed for their studies legally – they just have to jump through a lot of hoops. They have to “get the green light” from the FDA, the Department of Health & Human Services, and *drum roll* the DEA.

  • 156 active researchers are approved by the DEA to study the plant, but scientists report that most of these studies focus on the negative effects of smoking.

  • British pharmaceutical companies, and others popping up around the United States, have begun working on marijuana-based treatments. Often they get around federal law by working with their state officials instead, as long as medical marijuana is legal in their states.

And what does current research say?

Bookmark this link to NORML’s website, which regularly updates its page, “Recent Research on Medical Marijuana.” Or, if you’re more of a podcast person, you can listen to this one that we’ve plugged before, featured on Psychedelic Salon. Claudia Little, a very well-read woman with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master’s in Public Health, shares the recent research regarding the many health benefits of the drug.

Do your research, spread the good news and enjoy!


A fantastic article recently published by Mint Press News addresses cannabis science vs. politics, starting with the question all pot smokers secretly ask themselves, “Is this better for my lungs than cigarettes?”

According the the article, researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys and found that adults between the ages of 18 and 59 who smoke one joint per day had the same lung function as someone who didn’t partake in the plant.

We know that some regular joint smokers report bronchial symptoms from rolling papers that folks who use vaporizers don’t experience as much. But what does that say about cannabis, or about marijuana smoke, or about rolling papers?

We’ve been told marijuana is dangerous to pregnant women – but there actually isn’t evidence pointing to that conclusion. Some studies have shown that marijuana isn’t at ALL dangerous to a pregnant woman or her fetus.

Another common “fact” about marijuana use is that THC can hurt adolescents, especially those between the ages of 18 and 25.

The problem is, amongst all of these purported facts, federal restrictions prevent scientists from doing much research.

Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, wisely retorts,

“If we’re serious public policy people, we would let the scientists figure this out. Does one set of vegetative matter produce a certain range of carcinogens? If so, to what degree and amount? How do people consume it? This entire discussion should be based on science. But the laughable thing is that the government is against this type of research. All we have are anecdotes but we need science that meets the standards of a proper peer review.”

So, what anecdotal evidence does he refer to? What’s the current research, and why do we feel good about legalization of a drug with so many mysteries?

Stay tuned…


Where’s the Weed in Obama’s State of the Union?

Pro-marijuana advocates are a little disappointed after President Obama’s State of the Union address last night. Many cannabis blogs have pointed out the glaring lack of comment about legalization, especially in light of the growing public dialogue about the failing “War on Drugs.”

Business Insider writer Anthony Weiner points out that this point of our President’s tenure marks the point at which he should start “securing his legacy.” For instance, he’s taken action on immigration, improved America’s relationship with Cuba, and announced a huge community college plan.

Typically when we see a topic taking up as much air time in the media as marijuana is, executive action follows. Weiner made some common sense suggestions to President Obama that we thought we’d share with y’all:

When to Not Use Craigslist

In case you need a laugh this Monday, folks are now using Craigslist to sell “dank 420 kush.” In fact, that was the subject of a Craigslist ad out of El Paso this month, complete with photos, prices and a phone number. THIS IS EL PASO, DUDE. You can’t sell weed on Craiglist. This 24-year old man was arrested and posted an $18,000 bond to be released the next day.

Okay, but when you live in Denver, California, Seattle, Portland or any other Craigslist where the state has legal recreational or medical marijuana, you can find some legitimate sources on the website. But be careful. You want to make sure these ads sound like they’re written by a real person and include a real telephone number, and always meet in a public, well-lit, safe place.

People are freaks, y’all.

Another great toker use for Craigslist in legal areas – you can find gear, soil, seeds, warehouses, acreage, nutrients, videos, containers, licenses and grow lights.

Some people suggest buying vaporizers and other expensive pieces on Craigslist, but we warn against doing so. According to several vaporizer manufacturers, they’ve been cracking down on the unauthorized sale of their products. When a product isn’t being sold via an approved channel, if something goes wrong with it, you won’t have the warranty to back you up.

Not to mention the fact that no matter how clean you think a piece is, someone else’s dirty particles could be all up in your biznazz. Sick.

So, that’s our recap on using Craigslist as a toker. In Texas, probably don’t do it.

Kind Tray

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to be more environmentally conscious with your toking habits, or maybe you just need a place to store your stash. Either way, some of our favorite earth-friendly stash solutions are Kind Tray products.

A Hazy Adventure with Paul Thomas Anderson

There’s another Oscar contender we forgot to mention yesterday! And it’s even MORE toker-friendly than all the others combined!! But definitely for different reasons than our other picks, Interstellar and Neighbors.

Badass director of Boogie Nights (Paul Thomas Anderson, in case you don’t obsessively memorize film trivia) released Inherent Vice this year – a film in which the main character Doc Sportello, played by Joaquin Phoenix, smokes weed constantly. And also investigates his ex-girlfriend’s disappearance.

Sure, Sportello being a dope fiend is ha-ha funny and all, and according to the Daily Beast marijuana makes more appearances than the supporting cast members, but we’re more interested in the screening hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Denver.

The Alamo promoted this screening as a “Hazy Adventure,” with 25 Instagram winners chosen to ride on a stoner bus with PTA himself. Apparently, Paul and his good friend, Alamo owner Tim League, thought it was a cool idea to have a high audience, so they worked it out. The 25 winners shared joints on a party bus with PTA (although the dude did not abide). The party bus brought them to the Alamo where they saw the movie stoned – completely legally.

Check out more information about the film and the screening at the Daily Beast!


It’s Oscar Season, e’erybody! People seem to have very strong feelings about awards shows, especially when it comes to the Oscars and the Grammys. Either you love them and spend your entire evening camped in front of the television mesmerized by the fashion, the speeches, the hosts, etc…or, you hate the Academy and everything it stands for, especially when it stands for Sandra Bullock winning another goddamn Oscar in the same year she wins a Razzie. But that’s neither here nor there!

Oscar nominees won’t be announced until Thursday morning, and we have some thoughts about adding a Most Toker-Friendly award. If you listen to the more socially conservative/Fundamentalist critics, you might get the impression Richard Linklater’s Boyhood has a pro-marijuana message. Don’t be fooled! That movie is booooooooring.

Instead, here are our FIRST TWO nominations for the Oscar films that you, our friendly local smokers and tokers, should maybe check out if you feel like it, or not, whatever:

Laganja Estranja and Other Silly Stoners

Earlier this week, we shared some ways you can connect with us via social media. Now we want to suggest a few experts you may want to add to your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook feed. They’ll make you laugh! They’ll make you cry! They’ll make you smarter! They’ll take the place of the more obnoxious people you follow! Here they are!

Connect with The Glass House

At all three of our Glass House locations – Knoll Trail in Dallas, Coit & Frankford in Dallas, and Lewisville – we love connecting you with the best smoke & toke products on the market. We are super selective about what we put in our shops, and we stay on top of award-winning, buzzed-about, locally-made products that you (and we) love. Finding glass, vapes and accessories our customers will love is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. We love when they fit just right.

The more we hear about what you like, the more we can give you the things you like! So, we hope you’ll take a minute to connect with us between visits, too. Here’s where you can find us metaphysically…

  • Facebook. The obvious, we use Facebook to announce upcoming news and events, as well as product and event photos. Another great feature – Facebook allows you to write reviews. Feel free to do that if you want, letting us know what you like and/or what you need, and helping our other wonderful customers out at the same time! Check us out at

  • Instagram. Instagram is the best way for you to stay updated on the ins and outs of our daily products. The unwritten rules of Instagram do not tolerate half-assed photos, so believe us when we say we post some pretty cool shit. Shit you might want. Just sayin’. Come look at our shit. Our username is TheGlassHouseTX.

Find us online and help us do even better things in 2015. Thank you, our fuckin’ cool customers and friends. We love you guys!

Toker Resolutions

From all of us at the Glass House to all of you, Happy New Year! Whether you’re the type to obsess over resolutions, make them and immediately forget about them, or view the New Year as just another new day, you can adopt habits that make you a happier and healthier toker.

Plenty of our favorite blogs have posted some suggestions on healthier toking – both physically and spiritually. The comment sections have also been a goldmine for additional ideas. Here are our top five favorite toker resolutions for 2015: