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Archive for February, 2015

E-Cigarette Safety

Cigarettes are bad for you – we get it, we’re accepting it, and we’re moving on, as is most of the country. Enter e-cigarettes. But nothing can be perfect, right? And now, we’re hearing questions about the safety of e-juice. What kind of chemicals are in there, anyway? What kind of vapor are we sucking into our lungs, and how do we know it’s not just a different KIND of harmful than cigarettes?

High Times posted a great explanation of what goes into e-juice and what current research suggests. Basically, e-juices contain one of three bases – propylene glycol (PG), polyethlene glycol (PEG) or ethylene glycol (EG). Pay attention to these when selecting your e-juice.

Proplyene Glycol (PG):

  • Generally recognized as safe by the CDC
  • Only becomes toxic in large doses – too large to achieve by vaping
  • Used in pharmaceutical products, drinks, foods, non-toxic antifreeze
  • Found in Fireball Whiskey

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG):

  • Has been accused of being unsafe
  • Used in medicines and household products
  • Regulated by the FDA

Ethylene Glycol (EG):

  • Similar to PG in structure, but breaks down into toxic by-products
  • Used in normal antifreeze
  • Should not be ingested!

In 2014, a study found that PEG based e-juices decompose the least in the body, so are likely the safest. Keep this in mind when purchasing your vaporizers and accessories! And remember, we’re always here to help.

House Bills Propose Legalization

Are the rumors true? Is the federal government taking steps toward a real framework for marijuana reform? Well, at least two Democratic House representatives are. Rep. Jared Polis from Colorado and Rep. Earl Blumenauer from Oregon have filed bills that propose extreme changes to the federal government’s current marijuana policy.

Alaska Legalizes

Yesterday, Alaska became the third state to legalize recreational marijuana use…because what else is there to do?

This November, Alaska voters passed a legalization ballot measure. And now it’s official! Regulated sales are expected to begin in 2016 and generate millions of dollars in tax revenue. As we learned from Colorado and Washington, it will take time for state legislators to figure out exactly how they intend to regulate the industry.

What does Ballot Measure 2 look like?

  • Recreational marijuana use is legal for adults 21 and over
  • Marijuana may not be consumed in public places
  • Possession of up to an ounce is permitted in public
  • Adults may grow up to six plants in their homes, but only three of them flowering at once
  • Adults may gift up to an ounce to another adult (yes, this is real)
  • The state liquor control board will oversee the industry
  • Revenue remains unallocated

Unlike the legalization days in Colorado and Washington, if Alaskans celebrated, they did so quietly. When questioned, advocates responded that they want to celebrate responsibly. They’re concerned about public perception and want to represent responsible, regulated use of the substance.

So, maybe now is a good time for us to start planning a 2016 Alaskan cruise? Just a thought.



Designers – Win Cash & a Macbook Pro!

Calling all creative types!

The Natural Cannabis Company has announced their second annual High Art! Design Contest.

But wait! WTF is the High Art! Design Contest? So glad you asked. The contest is an international design competition that helps develop product packaging for the Natural Cannabis Co. It’s hosted by Juxtapoz magazine, who will be taking entries from now until March 9, 2015 at 4:20 p.m. PST.

This year, the competition theme is “Shapes, Patterns, Doodles, Sacred Geometry, Time and Numbers.” So, there are like 6 themes to choose from? Anyway, YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, AND if you would like to be in the running for cash prizes or a new MacBook Pro, is to create three separate yet integrated works of art for Natural Cannabis Co. packaging.

Judges include David Downs from Smell the Truth, Evan Pricco and Mike Stalter from Juxtapoz magazine, Master Bong and Mz. Jill from TGA Genetics.

The first place winner = $5,000 and a MacBook Pro
The second place winner = $2,500 and a MacBook Pro
The third place winner = $1,500

Last year’s winners hailed from all over the globe – Mumbai, India; Las Vegas, Nevada; Syndey, Australia. Want to add Texas to that list? Head on over to


Cheers to PAX on over 500,000 sales of their renowned loose-leaf vaporizer! In celebration of this milestone, we’re happy to announce a price reduction – beginning this Friday, February 20, you can purchase the PAX portable vaporizer for $209.99.

If you’re thinking of adding a more portable piece to your collection or if you’re planning to make the complete switch from glass to vape, now is definitely a great time to check out PAX! Other than the steal of a price, what are its benefits?

  1. It’s compact, making it completely portable. Stick it in your pocket or purse and you’re good to go.

  2. The vapor is odorless, which only adds to the portability factor. Vape anywhere, any time without giving yourself away.

  3. PAX optimizes battery life by cooling down when you aren’t using it, and it’s easily rechargeable.

  4. Speaking of cooling, PAX has customizable heat settings, so you can vape just the way you like it.

  5. It’s pretty. But seriously! It’s very sleek and elegant, which can be a nice change from the more industrial style vapes out there.

  6. It comes with a ten-year warranty, so you know you’re getting the bang for your buck.

If you’ve been on the fence, come visit The Glass House. Let us show you the PAX loose-leaf vaporizer and help us celebrate its success!


Science can make people uncomfortable. Why? Because science gets to the bottom of things. It doesn’t rely on cultural norms, oral tradition or storytelling. We’ve seen science get in the way of plenty of religious ideas, and similarly, we see it consistently silenced during the legalization debate.

Today marks the last day of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2015 Annual Meeting. If you aren’t familiar with the AAAS (because unless you’re a scientist, why would you be?), its mission is to “advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.” They are responsible for the publication of the weekly international journal Science. They’re the kings of science, basically.

And! On Saturday of their annual meeting, they hosted a session entitled “Cannabis and Medicine: A New Frontier in Therapeutics,” where they discussed both well-known and new insights into the role of cannabis as medicine. For a neat little recap, visit Science Magazine online.

But stay tuned! Because this is only the beginning. People like to shut the scientists up, but they won’t keep ‘em silent forever!

DC PeliNails

PeliNail Case by Disorderly Conduction.

The MiniNail

Toss the torch and pick up the new MiniNail™ electric concentrate vaporizer. Low, constant temperatures allow you to get more out of your product.


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Puff’s E-Juice

When it come’s to making America’s Best Flavors of e-juice, Puff’s knows how to please your palette!

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CBD Peanut Butter is made with pure ingredients to insure a fresh tasting, nutty spread you’ll want to use again and again on toast, bagels, in cookies, and of course, a classic PB&J sandwich.

CBD Vape Oils

Green Garden Gold’s CBD Regular Flavored VAPE-OIL is a flavorless product that is perfect on its own or as an additive to your favorite VAPE-OIL flavor.

Portable MIGHTY

The MIGHTY is a portable, battery powered and dynamic vaporizer.

Due to the plus-/minus keys and the easily visible LED-display, the operation of the MIGHTY is self-explaining: As soon as the actual temperature corresponds to the individually adjustable set temperature, the device is ready for use.


The CRAFTY is a portable, battery-powered Pocket-Vaporizer.

Volcano Classic

The VOLCANO CLASSIC impresses by its robust, purely electromechanical design as well as a savings of $130.