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Archive for April, 2015

Marijuana, the Mind, and the Sexual Self

So far, it’s been one of those weeks where we wish social media had never been invented. Bruce Jenner is transitioning to a woman and everyone has an opinion about his gender identity. The city of Baltimore exploded into riots after Freddie Gay’s funeral and everybody’s got something to say about that too. At the same time, we’re hearing the death toll from Nepal’s earthquake continue to rise.

In the midst of tragedy like Nepal, and in the midst of a Facebook news feed that sometimes shows us who our hater-friends are, we wish everyone would just chill out and share a peace pipe.

Not that cannabis can fix everything, and not that it can undo natural disasters, racial tension, violence, hatred or general intolerance – we’re not saying all that! But we do adore this article on that compares the inhalation of the peace pipe to inhalation during yogic breathing or meditation. Here’s how the writer describes the feeling you get after a long and distracting day, when you come home to finally relax:

So you get home at last after a busy day, you sit down and spark up. Inhale deep and slow, pausing at the top to hold in your hit, savor it — and then slowly you exhale out fully. A few more moments of this and you begin to feel calm, still, and quiet in mind. Suddenly the busy day washes away and you are allowed a pause in time to just be.

The author even asserts that “marijuana is a gateway drug to a deeper sense of self.”

We like to think if everyone in the world just started smoking a little, maybe we’d be less hateful and more inclined to promote peace. I mean, just a thought, right? Check out the full article, called “Breath of Life: The Intersection of Marijuana, the Mind, and the Sexual Self” by following this link.

We D.A.R.E. You…


Drug. Abuse. Resistance. Education.

or, Drugs. Are. Really. Excellent.

Depending on your elementary school, you know.

Do you remember the D.A.R.E. program? Maybe it was different for every school, but there was definitely a special policeman who came to ours to tell us how to say “NO!” when some teenager felt like offering us 8-year-olds some scary and confusing substances. Really, they should have been warning us about grown-ups who are willing to dress in Daren the Lion costumes to talk to 8-year-olds.

Speaking of D.A.R.E., today the Atlantic published their own critique of the program, mostly focusing on the program’s central message that marijuana is a gateway drug that can – and likely will – lead to use of harder drugs, addiction to those drugs, then an episode of Intervention that ends in successful rehabilitation only after the entire family is ruined and everyone hates each other for treating each other in such a shitty way.


The idea that marijuana is a gateway drug is, quite simply, a big fat exaggeration of a faulty theory based on an amalgamation of random facts. According to the Atlantic, the folks behind the website Treatment4Addiction dug a little deeper into the data from the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health ”to see which drugs people tried right before and after they started using a given narcotic.” At first glance, it may look like marijuana could be called a gateway drug. But upon further investigation, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Check out the full article here, and prepare to send to your anti-cannabis friends and family.

In the meantime, you can purchase your very own Daren the Lion costume from D.A.R.E. According to their website, it fits “slim wearers up to 5’10.” And there’s so much wrong with that statement alone, we can hardly take it.

Too High for 4/20?

Today is 4/20 but you wouldn’t know it because stoners everywhere forgot. ZING! Happy 4/20, everybody! Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday for our pre-4/20 celebration! Remember if you didn’t make it out yesterday, we’re still here at three locations with plenty of 4/20 goodies for you.

If you’re stuck working today and can’t celebrate just yet, now might be a good time for you to partake in spirit. Here’s our highlight reel of this year’s 4/20 internet presence:

  1. Did y’all watch WEED 3 on CNN last night? Dr. Sanjay Gupta, once a staunch opponent to marijuana legalization, has made a complete 180 in recent years. Last night, on 4/20 eve, he blew everyone’s minds with a compilation of research painting marijuana in the best light EVER. Check out the recap here.

  1. ABC News got a kick out of reading Leafly reviews and published their favorites here. Personally, we feel that if this writer had been stoned, she could have found some funnier reviews, but these aren’t too bad. CHALLENGE: Find funnier ones and post them on our Facebook page.

  2. Jezebel posted a pretttttty relevant article about the stoner diet – how to deal with the munchies and stay, you know, not huge. All this being said, it’s kind of weird, but apparently stoners eat about 600 calories more than the average person and still manage to stay slimmer. Because cannabis is magic. Don’t believe us? See #1. Dr. Gupta basically proves it.

Well, this list hit 3 items and it’s 4/20, so we’ve got, uh, stuff to do. Deuces, y’all!


The best day of the year is coming up! Only 4 more days till 4-20!

THE GLASS HOUSE WANTS TO HELP YOU PREPARE! So, stop by on 4/19 for some AMAZING deals AND a live broadcast with BOOM 94.5 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Last year, we did some research on the origins of the term “420” in relation to the fine flower. You can read the “official” story here. This year, we thought we’d share the Urban Dictionary definition. Urban Dictionary is the next best method of research after Google Image Search, Safe Search Off. In case you were wondering.

ANYWAY. We liked Urban Dictionary’s definition because it contains phrases like “pot-smoke wiseacres,” and because it reminds us that “someone’s parents out there invented the term 4/20”:

“The term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos, who are now pushing 50. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Intent on developing their own discreet language, they made 420 code for a time to get high, and its use spread among members of an entire generation.
So there ya go, someone’s parents out there invented the term 4/20.
And remember this:
There are NOT 420 chemicals in weed. It’s about 315, the number goes up or down depending on what you’re smoking.
4/20 is NOT police code or Maryjane.
And that whole shit about Holland and 4/20 over there being “tea time” for smokers isn’t true either.”

In the words of Bill Nye, “noooooooooooooow you knooooooooooooooooow.”

BUT! MOST IMPORTANTLY! Whatever your 4-20 plans, remember to stop by the Glass House on 4-19 to pick up the many, many tools you’ll need to make your 4-20 memorable. Or, unmemorable, as the case may be.

Legalization Proposal Hearing in Texas

Texas loves the MPP!

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has been present and active in Texas for a little over a year now, and already we’ve seen a significant upswing in political support for decriminalization here. Last Wednesday, four different marijuana proposals went to a hearing before the Texas House Jurisprudence Committee. One of these bills would legalize the drug, and Republican David Simpson actually used the Bible to make his case. The other three would simply reduce penalties of possession of less than an ounce – one a civil infraction, the other a Class C misdemeanor.

Unfortunately, the hearing didn’t include any proposals with a middle ground of medical legalization. But in a state like this, God love it, legalization just might have to come in baby steps. According to the MPP, lesser penalties and lighter charges are priority for the present.

How far will the proposals go? No news yet. The bill proposals seemed to receive favorable response, but we don’t know yet whether they’ll go to vote.

Italy Considers Legalization

If you think you might be planning a European vacation in the next few years, it might be beneficial to know that Italy could soon see legalization. About 60 lawmakers from all parties have signed a motion to legalize marijuana. Of course, they still have to iron out the details, so we anticipate it will be at least a year before we see major progress.

If you’re planning a European vacation sooner rather than later, you’re pretty much screwed on the cannabis scene. Your best bet is the Netherlands (Amsterdam, duh). Although we tend to think of marijuana as being legal in the Netherlands because of all the Amsterdam cannabis cafes, it’s really only legal in public areas designated for smoking. It’s still illegal, but decriminalized, to possess personally.

In looking at this handy dandy Wikipedia list of “legality of cannabis by country,” we also learned that in Jamaica, it’s illegal (but decriminalized) to possess BUT as of February 2015 you can grow up to five plants for personal use. We also learned that weed is legal in North Korea, which really makes no sense.

Anyway, eyes on Italy – let’s see how quickly they move forward, and how quickly other countries follow suit.

The First Church of…Cannabis?

As we all know, Indiana has been a shitshow lately. The state was so busy worrying about business’ rights to deny service based on sexual orientation on the grounds of religious freedom, they failed to consider what OTHER things people might want to do “on the grounds of religious freedom.” Like SMOKE THE REEFER.

In fact, according to Raw Story, the ex-Governor Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law on the same day that the First Church of Cannabis signed its paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office.

So, if you’re a member of the First Church of Cannabis, it only makes sense that your religion requires you to use cannabis, right? It’s an argument you could make. Of course, the RFRA does charge the state with deciding whether breaking certain laws in the name of religion would actually “burden a person’s faith,” but is it really worth fighting a bunch of stoners who want to use the ganja as a sacrament? Just sayin’.

In conclusion, if you live in Indiana, you can be denied service at a restaurant if you’re gay, but you can probably get away with smoking weed on the basis of your church membership. Okay, that’s a SLIGHT oversimplification…but is it?