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5,500 Marijuana Plants Discovered in Texas

5,500 Marijuana Plants Discovered in Texas

FYI – if the marijuana farm in Central Texas belongs to you, federal investigators are probably headed your way. A rancher from Chambers County recently leased some land from the Army Corps of Engineers and found something he didn’t expect – 5,500 marijuana plants worth about $2 million. Ouch. That loss is going to hurt.

Deputy Daniel Houghton/Chambers County Sheriff’s Office

Whoever is responsible for the operation put a lot of time and effort into making it work. They hand-cleared land two acres deep in the woods, put together their own watering system, and had just the right amount of sunlight.

But the BEST part – beyond the elaborate growing system – is that the two individuals responsible actually created a campsite with two tents where they were living. When the rancher approached, they took off, leaving behind clothing, groceries, and utensils. They were NOT screwing around.

Deputy Daniel Houghton/Chambers County Sheriffs Office

According to ABC News, the sheriff believes these individuals are part of a larger growing operation, and that the equipment they took from the site will lead them to more. It pains us to tell you what they did with the 5,500 plants they found, but we may as well break the news…all of the plants have been handed off to Texas state police for destruction.

DESTRUCTION. Because research would be silly, right? Right?!

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