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7 Creative Cannabis Business Plans

7 Creative Cannabis Business Plans

As more states legalize cannabis, more jobs will be created in the United States – jobs in production, distribution, and sales. Like working at a brewery, jobs in the marijuana industry sound pretty cool. But of course with all the high, creative minds out there, we expect to see the industry grow in different ways as well. We’re excited to see some new business models out there. For instance…

1. Food trucks. This past weekend, a converted school bus selling cannabis-infused sandwiches and other goodies opened in Washington state. It’s called the “Samich bus,” and it’s a promotion for one of our favorite products, Magical Butter.

2. Delivery services. Students at the University of Washington are already working on a cannabis delivery app called Canary. Buying drugs is about to become so much easier…jk, jk….

3. Refreshing beverages. Mirth Provisions makes cannabis coffee, which contains 20 milligrams of THC per 11.5-ounce bottle. They’re located in Washington state, and they plan to sell sparkling sodas that also contain THC, with flavors such as lemon ginger and pomegranate. The drinks will cost about $9-$11.

4. Ice cream. Frozen yogurt would also be cool, because what high person doesn’t want to choose their toppings? But, Cheech and Chong “Nice Dreams” ice cream is really on its way. It will contain 5 milligrams of hemp per half pint serving.

5. Beauty products. We’ve seen the hippie hemp-infused beauty products at independent stores with names like “Heritage” or “Mother Earth.” We love them. But the blossoming cannabis industry has room for designer cannabis cosmetics, too. That’s where Cannabis Beauty Defined comes in. (CBD…get it? get it??)

6. Pet treats. This sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? But CBD dog treats are the real deal. They’re made by California-based Treat-ibles, and the ratio of CBD to THC in these precious treats for sick pets is a whopping 20 to one.

7. Spas and salons. I’d like a cannabis oil-infused massage, please. The world’s first cannabis-focused spa just may be opening on August 1 in Denver, called Primal Therapeutics. It only makes sense that the experience would be a relaxing one!

What cannabis-related business are you most excited about? Tell us on Facebook or in the Comment section below!

And — The San Francisco High Times Medical Cannabis Cup happened this weekend and we promise to share more about it later this week. We also hope you have 7-10 on your radar…a day to celebrate oils, coming up in only 10 days! You know we’ll have lots of sales and festivities planned for the day, so plan to stop by!

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