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A higher high…through mango?

A higher high…through mango?

Health-conscious tokers may be interested to know that MANGO is an excellent accompaniment to pot smoking, according to a recent article at Cannabis Culture. Apparently, myrcene molecules found in mango can “increase, strengthen and even lengthen” the effects of marijuana. Myrcene is a type of molecule already found in marijuana, and research shows that it’s partially responsible for the high by affecting THC in the brain.

While myrcene will make your high stronger, it also allows THC to pass through the blood brain barrier faster. According to Cannabis Culture, it takes THC seven seconds to reach the brain after inhaling, but extra myrcene from mangos can cut that time in half if ingested 90 minutes before smoking.

But mango isn’t the only food that contains myrcene. It can also be found in apricots, walnuts, Valencia oranges, lemongrass, verbena, hops, and the West Indian bay tree, which is used to make bay rum. No wonder hops smell like cannabis. So, we suggest you blend up a smoothie before your next toke, especially if you’re working with low-quality stuff, and see what difference it makes. Let us know!

Fruit is great for everyday smokers for other reasons as well. Inhalation of smoke can deplete B and C vitamins, as well as Calcium and Magnesium. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be healthy and partake. Just a little bit of extra vitamins and minerals can go a long way. Make sure green vegetables are part of your diet, as well as citrus and healthy fiber. Some tokers prefer to take daily supplements to keep them at the top of their game.

Let us know if you try a little mango next time you smoke! We’d also love to hear your vitamin/mineral/diet regimen, if you’re up to sharing. Find us on Facebook or use the Comment section below!

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