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A Texan Call To Action!

A Texan Call To Action!

Texas, oh Texas. You lift us up, teasing us with NORML and Marijuana Policy Project collaborations and waving legalization/decriminalization bill proposals in the air excitedly. Then just as we think we smell the sweet winds of change, which smell an awful lot like ganja, you tear us back down.

We’re a little down in the dumps today. Two very well-researched, well-written, all-around fantastic bill proposals were shot down this week. The first was House Bill 507, which would have greatly reduced penalties for minor marijuana offenses. The second was House Bill 2165, which would have legalized and regulated marijuana.

Now, when we say they were shot down, we really mean they were never given the chances they deserved. Both of these bills were slated to go before the House of Representatives this session, but apparently Todd Hunter, House Calendar Committee authority, flat out refused to submit them. Seriously?! Screw you too, Todd.

What’s next? Sadness for now. But chin up, Texans! We’ve never been ones to back down from a fight. And we can still make legalization happen in Texas in a BIG way. DFW NORML has a growing following and can always use more advocates! Check them out at and consider becoming a member. It’s only a $15 fee, and it’s an important cause. Benefits of membership include discounted entry to events like the Texas Regional NORML Conference, discounts at various businesses in North Texas, and stickers, postcards and other sponsor-related info.

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