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A Toker Christmas

A Toker Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner! We can’t believe it either! Whether you’re doing all of your holiday shopping last minute or just seeking out stocking stuffers, The Glass House has great gifts for all the smokers and tokers in your life.

For your vapers…

  • VapeTools products – including extraction tubes, screens, and slick pads.

  • E-cigarette products – including a variety of e-cigarettes and juice!

  • Xhale Steam Stones – a delicious and tobacco-free way to vape through your hookah.

For your dabbers…

  • The Launch Pad – convert your oil rig into an oil ROCKET! Yes. Seriously.

  • Santa Cruz products – including titanium nails, dabbers, dab stands, and domeless titanium nails. A vaper’s dream.

  • Oil Slick – Cannabis Cup winning slick pad that keeps your glass in place and keeps sticky tools clean of debris.

For your gadget lovers…

  • Butane, sweet butane – we have Newport, Colibri, and 14x Vector. Prevent that lighter fluid from ruining the taste of your dabs or cigars!

  • Embur flameless/cordless lighter – the cream of the crop of the lighter world. For discriminating smokers only, please.

For anyone!

  • Kindtrays – all-natural trays to hold your stash

  • RigRags – bandanas specially designed for cleaning up those dirty glass and non-glass pieces!

  • Grunge Off Super Soaker – solution using advanced cleaning technology to get that nasty residue off your glass!

  • Hat Pins – like these!

Stop by and visit or give us a call and let us help you pick out gifts for the smokers and tokers in your life! And the happiest of holidays to you and yours from all of us at The Glass House!

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