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America: 14 Million Secret Stoners?

America: 14 Million Secret Stoners?

Apparently a LOT of Americans keep weed-related secrets. We’re going to interrupt our March Madness Stoner Movie Tournament to find out more about them.

Are you familiar with PostSecret? People all over the world mail anonymous postcards to founder Frank Warren in Germantown, Maryland to purge their deepest, darkest, and sometimes silly secrets. Warren selects a few each Sunday morning and posts them on You can find compilation books in pretty much any bookstore.

For 3 months in 2011, there was an app version of PostSecret, but it had to be shut down because of abusive content. Now, a new app has appeared on the market – Whisper.

As kind of a combination of Facebook and PostSecret, Whisper allows users to share their secrets anonymously, express themselves, and share via social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Whisper has also found a way to tremendously cut down on abusive, threatening, or pornographic content by implementing more security measures.

But what we’re interested in here at the Glass House is something The Huffington Post just covered in a recent article. Apparently Whisper has seen a number of doctors, teachers, preachers, computer programmers, firefighters, police officers, and soccer moms admitting to smoking pot on the reg. And they aren’t confessing because they feel guilty – they’re confessing to say, “Hey – it’s okay! I defy stereotypes!”

According to the article, at least 14 million Americans admit to smoking pot regularly. Professions like the above still have a strong stigma attached to marijuana use, but maybe anonymous sharing will lead to less anonymous sharing. Maybe eventually, everyone will be a little less afraid to talk about it, and the stigma will slowly disappear.

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