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An Ode to the Bubbler

Between water pipes, glass pipes and vaporizers, can you think of what gets lost in the shuffle? Bubblers. Bubblers go underappreciated way too often, which makes sense. Typically, when you’re in the market for a piece, you’re thinking about either durability in a big piece, or portability in a small one. Bubblers aren’t big, and they’re not super portable either, putting them in kind of an awkward category.

They get overlooked too often, so today, we thought we’d give bubblers a little love.

We like water pipes because they cut the smoke for a smoother hit, cutting tar and any nasty chemicals along with it, and getting you more of the good stuff more quickly. The thing is… it can feel like a huge waste to smoke that water pipe all by yourself.

We find that in this case some novices like to complain that a bubbler is a waste. Why don’t you grab a small, portable glass pipe and move right along? We beg to differ. Glass pipes are great, but bubblers aren’t a waste! They’re an opportunity to take what you like about water pipes and pull a Honey We Shrunk the Kids on ‘em!

So when is the best time to use a bubbler, exactly? Use one when you want a stronger end result, if you know what I’m sayin’, and a smooth hit – the kind you’d get from a big ole water pipe. Plus, use it when you don’t need incredible portability (you’re not taking it on a road trip) but you do want to be able to take it with you to the kitchen while you grab your munchies. Use it when you’re toking alone and don’t feel like using a huge ass piece. USE IT EVERY DAY!

Someone write us a haiku. We need an ode to the bubbler.

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