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Another year till 4/20…

Another year till 4/20…

We hope everyone had a great 4/20 (and a happy Easter…) yesterday! Thanks to everyone who came out for our bangin’ 4/20 party, and congratulations to our prize winners! Just because we love you and enjoyed hangin’ with you so much, we’re extending our 4/20 sales through today. So if you happened to miss out yesterday because you were busy celebrating another holiday, feel free to stop by and take advantage of the sales for one more day.


The Huffington Post published yet another great 4/20 article yesterday that we just had to share. Marijuana has come a long way since 4/20/2013, and as always, Huff Post tells us why. We’ll post a link to the article below, but here are a few of our favorite changes to marijuana that took place in the last year:

1. Colorado sold legal, recreational marijuana for the first time. And some of us were lucky enough to experience it this weekend…but more on that later. Did you know that the first month of legal sales generated $14 million, brought in by only 59 marijuana outlets?

2. Support for pot surged. For the first time ever, an October Gallup poll showed that a majority of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized.

3. Uruguay made history, becoming the first country in the world to legalize a national marijuana marketplace.

4. Obama said pot was less dangerous than alcohol. You can’t unsay that, Obama, so enjoy the can of worms you just opened!

Of course, this is just a smattering of what The Huffington Post covered, so check out the full article here:

Who’s excited to see what 4/20/2015 will have in store? We sure are. Share your predictions with us on Facebook, and don’t forget to stop by today to take advantage of one more day of 4/20 sales. It’s so hard to say goodbye, 4/20…

(Sidenote: we reference The Huffington Post a lot, but they post a lot of great articles about marijuana.They’re playing an important role in educating the public on the health side of marijuana use as well as the political side.)

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