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Beauty of the Bud

Beauty of the Bud

You know what kind of looks like a sparkling Christmas tree? Bud. Usually the dankest bud is the most beautiful, so it’s no surprise that anti-marijuana advocates are still afraid of it – they’ve never used it, of course, but we bet they haven’t really LOOKED at it either. And seeing and looking are too very different things.

California-based photographer Erik Christiansen and “cannabis aficionado”/grower Dan Michaels recently collaborated to produce a cannabis-themed field guide entitled “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana.” The coffee table book you’ve been waiting for, Christiansen and Michaels cover over 170 strains in mind-blowing photographic detail. It isn’t just a compilation of images, though – they outline their observations of each strain’s medicinal and recreational benefits.

The beauty of the bud is undeniable. Better look away if you can’t handle it…you might just change your mind! Get a glimpse of some photos and read an interview with Christiansen at NPR Health, and purchase the book on

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