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Best Job Title Ever: Marijuana Editor

Best Job Title Ever: Marijuana Editor

With January 1 looming just around the corner, Colorado is taking its role as a guinea pig for recreational marijuana sales pretty seriously.

Last month we shared that Denver has been buckling down for wafts of cannabis to hit them, with a licensed “smell investigator” prepared to sniff out whether odor restrictions are needed to prevent the streets from being filled with the scent. According to an article in the New York Times this weekend, The Denver Post recently named a marijuana editor – Ricardo Baca.

Ricardo Baca has served at the Post for nearly twelve years as entertainment editor and music critic. In a memo to the newsroom, Post News Director Kevin Dale praised Baca for his work and described his new position as follows:

I’m happy to announce that Ricardo Baca has been appointed the editor of the marijuana website we are building. In this new role, Ricardo will be responsible for building the community and engagement around the site much like he did with Reverb in its early days. Ricardo will be working with editors and reporters in every department to ensure the site is lively, authoritative, in-depth, educational and packed with content spanning regulations to reviews.

For nearly 12 years, Ricardo has been the authority on our music scene, as a critic, the co-founder of the Underground Music Showcase and the founder of Reverb. For the past two years, he has excelled at leading our Entertainment section.

As we’ve said, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is our biggest story in the coming year. Ricardo is the perfect person to lead this charge — and he will need all of our resources.

According to the Times, Baca is in the process of hiring a staff and is reviewing resumes for the position of pot critic. While right now he is being referred to as “Marijuana Editor,” his official title may change to “Cannabis Editor,” as the word marijuana carries negative connotations in some circles.

Since receiving his new title, Baca has appeared on CNN and The Colbert Report. He has even been mentioned on Saturday Night Live and in Great Britain’s The Guardian. With publicity like this, it’s a good thing Colorado is taking its role in legalization history seriously.

We’ll continue to watch Colorado as they serve as pioneers in America’s legalization battle. In the meantime, you can read a live Q&A with Baca here.

Photo by Kevin Moloney for The New York Times


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