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Blast Off with the Launch Pad Light!

Blast Off with the Launch Pad Light!

Tired of your boring, clear glass? Today we’re showcasing a product that will showcase your glass and literally light up your smoking experience. Can you handle the Blast Off?

The Launch Pad was just “launched” in October 2013, so it’s a pretty new product, meaning you can still be the first of your friends to grab it. How does it work? Simple. You center the glass on top of your Launch Pad, press the button at the base of the pad and watch the light show begin. The lights at the base will cause the water, smoke and clear glass to change colors in a brilliant display.

The Launch Pad is battery-operated with great life, is easy to use and has elegant, compact design. Plus, it’s a great way to entertain your friends! And in our professional opinion, the more you use it in one sitting, the more fascinating it gets.

Your glass does a lot for you, and it deserves a little love. Let the Launch Pad help you and your glass blast off to a new level. Come in to either of our locations so we can show you! We’re looking for any excuse to check out the light show that is the Launch Pad. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.

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