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Breathalyzer for Cannabis?

Breathalyzer for Cannabis?

Drunk driving vs. stoned driving – which is worse, and which is more likely?

According to research, drunk driving trumps driving under the influence of cannabis on both occasions.

Researcher and Columbia University professor Guohua Li found that a stoned driver is 1.83 times as likely to get in a crash as a sober driver, but a drunk driver is 13.64 times as likely. D. Mark Anderson from Montana State University finds that the legalization of marijuana will result in more would-be drunk drivers staying in and lighting up rather than going out drinking. It’s true, though, isn’t it? We typically think of stoners on their couches, not on the roads.

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, law enforcement officials have begun to think about the prevention of high driving as well as drunk driving. Right now, fourteen states (mostly in the Midwest) can stick you in the drunk tank (high tank?) if you’re sober but have any evidence of THC in your system, which can stick around for up to a month. Of course, that doesn’t actually happen often.

A detection piece like the Breathalyzer hasn’t been perfected yet for cannabis. The best option so far seems to be the DrugWipe 5 S, first seen in Europe. Instead of breath, it analyzes spit. This allows it to detect more recent drug use than tests that require urine, sweat, or hair. Europe is ahead of the game, though, so there’s no telling what Colorado, Washington, or any number of other states will choose as they become more proficient at roadside marijuana testing.


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