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You can infuse many things with cannabis for an exciting combination (where it’s legal, obviously). Edibles, lotions, tinctures and even coffee. Why we haven’t previously heard more about marijuana cocktails is beyond us, but now is the time!

We probably haven’t heard more about marijuana cocktails for obvious reasons, actually. The last thing you need when you’re out at the bar is to get both drunk AND high, then try to function in public, and/or even worse, drive home. But for those tokers drinking and smoking at home, or those tokers who know how to handle themselves in public and have a ride home, a marijuana cocktail could really hit the spot.

So, where to begin? If you were living in a state where marijuana was legal, you would first want to infuse your liquor with cannabis, just like you would infuse oil or butter with it to make brownies. The catch is that while it doesn’t take that long, it’s a LOT more work to infuse the liquor. It’s not impossible, but it’s more involved. Gizmodo has instructions here.

Once you’ve infused the liquor, you’re really ready to get creative. references some cool recipes, or you could make up your own. Just reading about them makes our mouths water. Legalization, come to us.

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