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Cannabis: There’s an App for That!

Cannabis: There’s an App for That!

Whether you’re an advocate for marijuana legalization, a doctor with the ability to prescribe medical marijuana to patients, a grower, or just a consumer of the bud, you could likely benefit from having more industry information at your fingertips. And with a smartphone, you certainly can!

The following apps are 4 of the best out there for various information about cannabis news, reviews, and how-to’s:

1. Leafly is an online resource and free app that allows users to rate and review different strains of cannabis and cannabis dispensaries. It helps medical marijuana patients determine which strain corresponds with specific symptoms, and then directs the patients to dispensaries where they can purchase. Leafly also contains brief descriptions of the “type” of high, as well as user reviews. Think of it as the Yelp of cannabis!

2. Marijuana Handbook

At $2.99, you expect that the Marijuana Handbook will give you a TON of information – and it does. It includes a strain library of over 200 different strains complete with pictures and descriptions, a “favorite strain” resource, fact sheets and myth busters, a cookbook, a dictionary, and maps to help you locate clinics and dispensaries in your area.

3. Cannabis News Pro

We try to keep you as up to date as possible on cannabis news, but you can get consistent updates whenever you want with Cannabis News Pro. It pulls from the top cannabis news sources, as well as their own unique stream. As they say, they provide all you need to be “a fully formed activist, aficionado, and Cannabis Connoisseur!”

4. Green Drop 2.0

Green Drop 2.0 is a garden/plant manager, which can help you with growing techniques and troubleshooting. It allows you to accomplish these things and more:

- Organize your plants into gardens with locations
- Monitor and get reminders when plants need water, food, or are ready for harvest.
- Keep notes on your plants.
- Manually adjust watering, feeding, and harvest dates if needed.
- Keep a gallery of pictures of each plant with notes and date picture was taken (to track growth).

What’s your go-to cannabis app for iPhone or Android? Tell us in the Comment box below, or find us on Facebook at TheGlass House Tx!

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