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Category: Other Products

We all know how hard it is to find a boyfriend or girlfriend with a good personality AND good looks. But thankfully we CAN find both in our hemp bags.

Kind Tray

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to be more environmentally conscious with your toking habits, or maybe you just need a place to store your stash. Either way, some of our favorite earth-friendly stash solutions are Kind Tray products.


The world’s best detoxifying products.


Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a laboratory grade synthetic urine that is used to calibrate urine testing machines.


Turn your Trash into Stash! The Honey Bee Extractor is the cleanest and safest way to extract pure honey oils from your material. Don’t settle for a cheap knock off, this is the ORIGINAL Honey Bee Extractor straight from Canada.


Beautiful, one-of-a-kind tapestries. Come visit our shop to see all we have to offer.


This exclusive formula cleans away grungy build-up and cuts through residue rapidly to get sparkling clean results. GRUNGE OFF advanced cleaning technology ensures optimum results in optimal time. Contents are NON-TOXIC*, Non Gritty and naturally earth-friendly. GRUNGE OFF Super Soaker’s advanced cleaning formula deodorizes and sanitizes too!!!!


Buzz5xxx, 7day, Mouth Wash, Hair Shampoo
Magnum Urine Fetish Kit