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Celebrate Concentrates TOMORROW!

Celebrate Concentrates TOMORROW!

TOMORROW is 7-10! And here are five reasons you should celebrate this underappreciated holiday that honors the beauty of oils and concentrates:

1. Your tolerance is rising, isn’t it? It’s okay. You don’t have to take a break to get it back down. With oils and concentrates, the level of THC is considerably higher (hence the name “concentrates”). Meet your rising tolerance with higher levels of THC!

2. Speaking of which, how about dabs?

3. Maybe you’re unhappy with the quality flower you’ve acquired, ormaybe you just want to spice up your experience. Put a little concentrate on top of the bud when you toke – make sure it’s the correct sativa or indica strain that you want – and it can make ALL the difference.

4. Baking with concentrates can make edibles more delicious and more potent!

5. Geek out with new pieces. You can vaporize concentrates and oils more smoothly than you can with bud – it’s both the tastiest and healthiest way to smoke. Or, again, getting into dabs means you can get into awesome rigs, bubblers, skillets, hash nails, vapor domes, or concentrate bowls. So many cool pieces, so little time!

These are our reasons for observing 7-10! And the BEST news is that you can come into either of our three locations tomorrow and get 30% off of oil rigs (non-heady) and 20% off all oil accessories, including nails, domes, carb caps, and extraction tubes!

Come down to the Glass House and spread the love for 7-10!

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