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Chameleon Glass Typhoon Series

Chameleon Glass Typhoon Series

Yes you heard right! Along with other multiple Chameleon Glass pieces the Typhoon Series is HERE!

Among the Typhoon Series we have the Sax-o-Phoon Sherlock, Sherlock Bubbler, Hammer Bubbler, the Caterpillar, and the Tootsie Roll.


Why should you Typhoon?

•Rotation – Specifically engineered air directors on the sides of each Typhoon chamber cause the smoke to vortex.
•Diffusion – As the smoke spins, ambient air mixes with your smoke through the directors.
•Cooling – The distance traveled by the smoke is three times longer in it’s cyclonic path.
•Clean – Centrifugal force spins & deposits combusted tar and ash to stick to the glass instead of in you resulting in much softer smoke.
•Typhoon Action – An awesome swirling smoke show!

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