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Colorado still worried about edible strength

Colorado still worried about edible strength

You might remember when New York Times writer Maureen Dowd ignorantly consumed an entire edible – way more than the suggested dosage – and had an 8-hour anxiety attack. We know it sounds harsh calling Maureen ignorant, especially when the packaging of this particular edible doesn’t do much to call attention to the candy’s high concentration of THC. But let’s call a spade a spade. When was the last time you decided to do some drugs without asking any questions? If you did, and you enjoyed the experience, you should thank your lucky stars.

“But it’s legal! We shouldn’t have to ask questions about it!” Okay, think about that statement, and then take some personal responsibility.

But okay, okay, honestly, we’re glad Colorado and Washington are playing the guinea pigs of marijuana legalization. They’re staking out uncharted territory and figuring out what works and what doesn’t as far as industry best practices. And their communication lapses show us what information is important to communicate to those embarking on edible journeys for the first time.

Drug policy experts are pointing to candy bars like Dowd’s as a force that could fuel even more controversy and legalization backlash. They fear people may lose confidence from the many horror stories, especially pointing at American eating habits. We aren’t used to sitting down and eating half of a baked good. Thankfully, Colorado is now finalizing rules that will require edible makers to score their products into serving sized pieces, or to package serving sizes separately.

Think about it. After prohibition (or after the prohibition your parents inflicted upon you), people had to learn how much alcohol to drink so they wouldn’t puke, pass out, or make terrible, TERRIBLE decisions. Does that mean you call the liquor store or the news media and whine about how the alcohol you consumed got you too fucked up? I guess you could…but you’ll hear a LOT of laughing in the background.


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