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It’s officially April, and the COUNTDOWN to 420 HAS BEGUN.

Now it’s time to ask the all important question – DO YOU HAVE 420 PLANS?!

If yes, CANCEL THEM and plan to hang with us at The Glass House! Unless your plans are to attend the Cannabis Cup in Denver. In that case, you’re an idiot if you cancel them. Go and report back.

If no, COME TO THE GLASS HOUSE! You will not regret it. You wanna know why? Because:

  1. Food. Catered. Y’all will have the munchies and we are prepared to provide the remedy.
  2. Music. Dj’s. The whole nine yards. Deep Ellum on Air will be in the house (in Dallas) to record their podcast, and we’re pretty pumped to be hosting them. (P.S. If you don’t know about Deep Ellum on Air, you should. Check out this interview we did with our good pal Jedi Jantzen, Jedi Master or King of the Jedis or whatever. He’s a cool dude.)
  3. Two words that are actually one word: GIVEAWAYS! What would 420 be without giveaways? Here’s the deal – every $25 you spend at The Glass House will get you one raffle ticket (excluding tobacco taxed items and kratom). There are THREE grand prize giveaways as well as HOURLY giveaways from 2:00-6:00 p.m. And, you must be present to win!!

Basically, you need to put this amazing event on your calendar ASAP. We promise you won’t regret it. UNLESS you’re going to be in Denver, in which case you have GOT to bring us back photos and swag and all that good stuff so we can pretend we were there too.

See you at The Glass House on 4/20 from 2-6pm!

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