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Creative Smugglers

Creative Smugglers

Last Thursday, two jailed inmates in Georgia used their DEAD GRANDMOTHER’S CASKET to smuggle marijuana back into jail. No, this isn’t a Tracy Morgan comedy. It’s real life. The prisoners were allowed a private viewing of their grandmother, and when they returned to the jail, guards found a bag of weed on them, as well as some other contraband.

The Sherriff of the country was quoted saying, “To use the body of a deceased grandmother to hide drugs and other contraband is wicked.”

It is pretty frickin’ creepy. But of course when we read stories like this, we have to get deep in the bowels of the internet to find other weird drug smuggling examples. Here are our top five:

1. In Mexico, some drug smugglers built a cannon from PVC piping attached to an air compressor and driven by a car engine. They used it to chuck bags of pot across a border fence into California. Those are some RESOURCEFUL drug hurlers right there.

2. Another popular method of hurling drugs across the border – T-shirt cannons. Then you don’t have to make your own.

3. Airport police once arrested a woman for carrying almost three pounds of cocaine in her breast implants. SICK NASTY. Also, that’s a lot of pain to go through to carry some cocaine.

4. A 19-year old at the United States/Mexico border pretended to be disabled…failing at sneaking weed inside his wheelchair.

5. Airport customs caught a woman who needed to declare framed pictures of Jesus Christ. Maybe it was also Jesus who hid the 30 pounds of pot in the frames? You never can tell…

Heard better drug smuggling stories? Let’s hear ‘em. Find us on Facebook!


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