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Dangerous Minds Think Alike

Dangerous Minds Think Alike

With a Facebook tagline like, “If you’re a concern troll or a care troll, unlike this page now,” Dangerous Minds is just as exciting as it sounds. They’re one of our favorite online publications, posting regular updates about “new ideas, new art forms, new approaches to social issues and new finds from the outer reaches of pop culture.”

As you can imagine, Dangerous Minds provides entertaining commentary every day of the week. Follow them. Better yet, visit and search “weed.” An array of wonderful results, including headlines like the following:

  • Giant Squid Blunt: We Didn’t Learn About This Creature In Science Class

  • A Menorah Bong, Because Why Not?

  • Hugs for Nugs: Dress Your Baby As A Pot Leaf For Halloween

  • Pot Protection: Cannabis-Flavored Condoms

  • Man Calls 911 80 Times for Weed and Kool-Aid

Is that enough to tempt you? The article that’s got us going today is this one right here. Would you like to smoke a pipe that looks like Breaking Bad’s Walter White? Tom Waits more your thing? Hunter S. Thompson? Step right up. There’s an Etsy shop out of Europe making “head” pipes – literally, ceramic pipes that look like the heads of some of our favorite crazy people. We want some of these at The Glass House! And we do have some pretty cool and comparable stuff.

You don’t need any more reasons to check out Dangerous Minds. Go there now! Also, come by the Glass House and check out the crazy cool pipes we have in store for you – although it may not include Tom Waits’ head.

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