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Death Linked to Marijuana…Question Mark?

Death Linked to Marijuana…Question Mark?

“Student death is first linked to legal marijuana in Colorado.” Now that’s a fear-mongering headline if we’ve ever heard one. However, 19-year old Levy Thamba did die March 11 after falling from a hotel balcony, apparently after consuming marijuana cookies purchased legally by a 21-year old friend in Denver.

This is confusing, though, isn’t it? While the media has been telling us crazy things about drugs for EVER, things that have often been disproven in later years, science tells us that not only does marijuana NOT kill, it’s actually also not all that dangerous…unless you’re a healthy child with a developing brain or unless you’re, you know, operating machinery. It’s not nearly as dangerous as cigarettes or alcohol, for instance, which our friendly reporters and legislators probably enjoy daily.

A number of renowned news sites have covered Thamba’s death over the past couple of weeks, linking the marijuana cookie consumption to his out-of-character behavior and ultimate death. The coroner reported that Thamba had no history of mental problems or suicidal tendencies, and that the death was linked to “marijuana intoxication.”

Two words for you, media outlets and fear-mongers: CAUSE and EFFECT. There are a number of factors that could have – and probably did – contribute to Thamba’s death on March 11. Simply blaming it on a marijuana cookie is not helpful to anyone.

Furthermore, as the Daily Beast’s article rightly points out, “questions about dosage, manufacturing practices, contamination, and Levi’s knowledge have not been answered, or perhaps even asked.” The government refuses to allow the kinds of research necessary to gain knowledge about how different strains of cannabis impact different people based on biological makeup, health conditions, and other factors.

At the end of the day, we still have a lot of questions and a lot of old-fashioned prohibitionists pointing their fingers at marijuana, the bad guy. Let’s hope that at the end of this debate, science can overcome.


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