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E-cigarettes 101

E-cigarettes 101

E-cigarettes this, e-cigarettes that…over the past few years, the trend has exploded, and now we see them everywhere from bars to cars. People use e-cigarettes for a variety of reasons – to quit smoking, or just as a safer alternative, to smoke indoors or in crowded venues where the smoke could bother others, or to prevent their children from inhaling secondhand smoke.

Scientists and health professionals have been warning us that not enough research has been done, and the devices simply haven’t been around long enough, to know whether e-cigarettes are truly a healthy alternative to cigarettes. We’re fans of the devices (although prefer Advanced Personal Vaporizers for more serious vapers), and we know you guys are too, so we thought we’d do a little research and let you know what we find.

And, what we found is that “no cigarette is a safe cigarette” is a pretty safe rule to live by. E-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco leaves combined with a ton of additives, at least 69 of which are carcinogenic, so that’s definitely positive! Voltages of e-cigarettes below 3.2V emit 800 times less formaldehyde than a cigarette. Higher voltages produce more carcinogens, and so it’s important for e-cig users concerned about safety to keep their voltage low, which is usually possible as many allow you to manually adjust.

At the end of the day, you’re still inhaling something into your lungs other than the air. So in that respect, “no cigarette is a safe cigarette.” But e-cigarettes, especially at low voltages, do still seem safer.

The following Daily Beast article is a great introduction to both e-cigarettes and vaporizers, and does a really great job of educating readers on E-Cigs 101. Check it out at And remember that we carry everything from the simplest e-cigarettes and juices to some pretty fancy schmancy portable vaporizers…if that’s something you want to check out.

Toby Melville / Reuters

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