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Election Day Reform

Election Day Reform

While in Texas we were voting about water laws yesterday, three states saw marijuana reform policies on their ballots.

The first: Colorado. It’s already legal! Last night, though, voters approved Proposition AA, meaning the state will see a 15% excise tax and 10% sales tax on all recreational marijuana sales. The taxes are expected to generate about $70 million in additional revenue in 2014.

In case you were wondering, January 1, 2014 will make history in Colorado, with the opening of the first recreational marijuana shops. Over 100 shops are expected, and that number will surely grow!

The second state voting on reform laws: Maine. Well, Portland, Maine. You may remember the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) that ran on an advertising campaign for Question 1 on city buses and bus shelters. Yesterday, Portland voters passed Question 1, decriminalizing adult possession, legalizing over-21 possession of up to 2.5 ounces, and prohibiting use in public parks, school grounds, and other sensitive locations.

We’ll probably be seeing more policy reform from Maine in future elections. Go Portland!

And finally, three cities in Michigan voted for legalization/decriminalization: Lansing, Ferndale, and Jackson. Now, over-21 possession of less than one ounce on private property will not be penalized. Thanks, Michigan, for another symbolic step in the right direction.

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