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Emmy HIGHlights 2014!

Emmy HIGHlights 2014!

See what we did there? HIGHlights? Yeah…

For those of you who don’t eagerly watch every award show that airs, let us give you a small recap of the pot jokes from the Emmys Sunday night. We’ll be honest, we didn’t watch the Emmys, but we read Fox News coverage of it. You know, because if marijuana is mentioned they will be ALL OVER IT.

We get the impression Sarah Silverman stole the pot show, with her vaporizer pen (“this is my liquid pot!”) and spazzy acceptance speech (although come on, she’s a comedienne, what did you expect?). She ended with, “We’re all molecules, and we’re hurling through space right now.” We love it, and so does Neil DeGrasse Tyson, we’re pretty sure. She also insisted to TMZ, in response to, “Some people think you were high at the Emmys,” that she is a GROWN WOMAN and would be waiting until afterwards to partake.

Whatever, Sarah, we aren’t judging you.

In addition to Sarah’s antics, the subject of marijuana came up so often during the show that a viewer tweeted, “Let’s give it up for the real winner tonight – I’m talking of course, about pot.” According to Fox News, in the official Oscars 2015 gift bag, the hand-held Haze Vaporizer by Haze Technologies will be included.

Maybe high IS the new drunk!


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