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Featured Product: Embur – Flameless/cordless lighter

Featured Product: Embur – Flameless/cordless lighter

Let’s get something out of the way first. This little gadget, the Embur lighter, may seem quite pricey at $250 for one unit. There are plenty of average smokers out there who will have no interest in this product and that’s fine. Most of our loyal customers, however, are more selective about their purchases. You know who you are – you stay on top of the current trends and may spend a few extra dollars on quality products that are designed to add overall value to your life. You adore Sheldon Black and other high end glass artists. You are excited to try out a seemingly “extravagant” item because you understand that the extra expense will be well worth it.

Now on to the Embur. It is a completely innovative product. It is superior from all butane/artificial flame lighters in both HEALTH and TASTE. It is completely portable, and can hold its charge for an entire day. How does it work? Charge it up and the wand heats rapidly through its custom designed ceramic heating element. It is a windproof and butane free source of ignition.

Stoner MacGyver from Denver Westword’s MMJ blog recently reviewed the Embur and this is what he had to say: “It’s like a mini Lightsaber with a 1,400 degree glowing orange tip to incinerate anything it touches, be it evil miniature droids or bowls of OG Kush.”

He adds: “Because you’re not sucking a flame down into the bowl and incinerating everything instantly, you get a much fuller flavor from a bowl of buds than you would with a lighter.” (Source:

Call Brad @ The Glass House to find out more about the Embur, or order one for yourself. You discriminating smoker, you.

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  1. Hi I was just wondering how much you all are selling your embur lighters for?

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