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Herb’s The Word

Herb’s The Word

A huge THANK YOU to all those who came out for the 2nd annual Texas Regional NORML Conference at the Norris Conference Center in Fort Worth this past weekend! According to DFW NORML’s Board of Directors, the event was a huge success that will help propel Texas into a much “greener” future.

Something special about this conference and those like it is the diversity of legalization advocates, and their unique reasons for supporting it. You meet mothers, politicians, health care professionals, former law enforcement officers, clergymen, and patients of all ages. For instance, a few of the speakers from this weekend:

  • Reverend Russell Elleven of Westside Unitarian Universality Church spoke about the connection between drugs and religious practice, both now and through the ages. He is a health coach, a vegan, and a minister with strong convictions about social justice.

  • Joy Strickland, Founder & CEO of Mothers Against Teen Violence, believes that drug policy should be moved from the criminal justice system where it has been failing miserably to the public health arena. She and her organization also believe drug policy should be rooted in science, equity, and compassion.

  • Mike Hyde with the Cash Hyde Foundation, a foundation dedicated to children fighting cancer, premiered the documentary entitled American Drug War 2. Directed by Kevin Booth, American Drug War 2 describes the cutting edge of cannabis research and how it can help in the struggle against pediatric cancer.

  • Terry Nelson with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition spent 3 decades as police officer on the borders of Central and South America, along many drug routes. “We’re not going to win [the drug war] that way,” he says. His pal Larry Talley, also with LEAP, is a libertarian and retired officer for the US Navy. He believes decisions about marijuana should be in the hands of the people.

  • Derek Cross, author of Hemp Healthy Cooking, cares about drug policy specifically because of hemp prohibition.  He believes both in the nutritional and the economic value of hemp.

  • Forest Scott of Tinctura spoke about using cannabis as a form of holistic medicine.

What about you? Why do you care about legalization? And have you thought about the role you can play in breaking down the stereotypes surrounding marijuana policy and use?

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