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Honey Bee and Queen Bee Extractors

Honey Bee and Queen Bee Extractors

Turn your Trash into Stash! The Honey Bee Extractor is the cleanest and safest way to extract pure honey oils from your material. Don’t settle for a cheap knock off, this is the ORIGINAL Honey Bee Extractor straight from Canada.

All you need is the Honey Bee Extractor itself and some butane and you are on your way to fresh honey oils in only about an hours time. Comes with (1) Honey Bee Extractor and (3) filters. Get em while they last!

  • Pocket Sized
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Incredibly Simple

Try out the Honey Bee or Queen Bee Extractor’s and you’ll wonder why you bothered using any other methods to extract pure, natural oil.


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