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In the News…

In the News…

The public demands its marijuana! According to an article from The Huffington Post this week, a recent survey from TheStreet shows that eighty percent of Americans believe marijuana should be regulated just like alcohol. EIGHTY PERCENT! In fact, here is the exact breakdown of where Americans think legal sales should take place:

  • The pharmacy – 69%

  • A “marijuana store” – 60%

  • The liquor store – 39%

  • Coffee shops – 17%

  • The supermarket – 13%

The 1,011 interviews that led to the compilation of this data took place from December 13-15, 2013.

The Huffington Post quotes Debra Borchardt, market analyst for TheStreet, who explains that more and more adults are favoring the legalization and regulation of marijuana. The marijuana marketplace will likely explode in the coming years, especially since the majority of states have accepted that its medicinal if not recreational use will be legalized by 2016 and don’t plan to fight the battle against it.

Borchardt is quoting saying, “Attitudes are changing as fast as they changed towards gay marriage…We are already seeing numerous companies being created just to jump into this market. In fact the first marijuana related company has filed to public on one of the major stock exchanges.”

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