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Is it time for Ohio to legalize marijuana?

Is it time for Ohio to legalize marijuana?

The legalization debate can be funny sometimes! If you find stupid people funny, it can actually be funny a lot. We had to share this hilarious article from Ohio’s Dayton City Post. It’s Friday, after all.

Last week, the Dayton City Post posed the question, “Is it time for Ohio to legalize marijuana?” They set up their article in debate format, with one DCP staff member arguing each side. The pro-legalization side is entitled, “Don’t believe the damning hype about marijuana,” and takes up the left side of the page.

The entire right side – where the anti-legalization argument belongs – is blank, with the exception of a small editor’s note.

“On behalf of the Dayton City Paper staff, we apologize, but we were unable to locate a debate writer who was able to submit a view opposed to legalization of marijuana in Ohio at this time.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, 87% of Ohio voters are in favor of using the drug for medicinal purposes. Dayton City Paper used their debate – or lack thereof – to show the gap between voter preference and actual legislation. Go DCP!

You can read the online debate here, with only “left” and “center” views being covered –

In other news, the only thing that would make us question our own pro-legalization views is the Denver Post’s recent decision to make Whoopi Goldberg a marijuana columnist. What are THEY smoking, because we will AVOID IT. Are we just allowing anyone to represent the cause these days? Miley, Bieber, Lady Gaga, Whoopi – WHO’S NEXT?!

Anyway, there’s your humor for this lovely Friday. Enjoy it, and come see us this weekend at The Glass House!


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