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Just Say Know!

Just Say Know!

This Sunday, New York Times readers saw the first-ever full-page marijuana-related advertisement…on page 17 in the paper’s A section, to be specific.

The ad features Leafly, an app and website that we’ve talked about before. Leafly is sort of a “Yelp” for cannabis, and one of the best resources out there. Leafly provides information and user ratings for a variety of strains, as well as the symptoms each strain is most effective in treating.

You can imagine, then, that Leafly’s advertisement is less of a drug promo and more of an information promo. It depicts a woman running past a New York brownstone, reflecting on the sativa that helped her fight cancer. A man is also shown entering the same brownstone thinking of the indica that helped relieve his multiple sclerosis symptoms. We’re pretty obsessed with the tagline – JUST SAY KNOW.

Just say know.

Here in Texas, thousands of marijuana plants are being destroyed after two busts this month. Is the State of Texas saying “know”? No.

In Colorado, politicians and anti-legalization activists are bitching about the strength of edibles, using the public’s lack of knowledge as a reason for prohibition rather than education. You know how this problem could be solved? Just say know.

All over the United States and throughout the globe, patients are suffering from chronic pain, seizures, nausea from cancer treatments, and more symptoms that could be relieved by medical marijuana. Just say know.

We’re not afraid of what the science will say. We look forward to seeing more cannabis research in the future. Just say know!


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