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Kind Tray

Kind Tray

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to be more environmentally conscious with your toking habits, or maybe you just need a place to store your stash. Either way, some of our favorite earth-friendly stash solutions are Kind Tray products.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Kind Tray makes wood trays specially designed for whatever smoking medium you can imagine, from dabs to rolls. Their products are crafted from forest certified green or reclaimed wood; utilize all-natural, food-safe finishes; and feature all-natural gum rubber gaskets to keep your flower fresh.

Kind Trays are manufactured in the United States with the finest craftsmanship and come with a lifetime warranty from any manufacturing defects.

Bonus! Kind Tray partners with Oil Slick to provide dab trays with the Oil Slick pad included. This provides a place to store your containers, plenty of room to work with, and a spot to keep your glass in place and recover any lost concentrate.

Whether you need a simple, small rolling tray or plenty of compartments to store your stash, Kind Tray has something for you. Call or visit us at The Glass House to see what we have in stock!

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