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Legislation Updates – New York and Florida

Legislation Updates – New York and Florida

What is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo smoking?! Obviously nothing. The negotiations on the Compassionate Care Act, which would legalize medical marijuana for certain health conditions, are ongoing. The bill’s sponsor, state Senator Diane Savino, made several amendments after conversation with Gov. Cuomo (you can see his many demands in our last post), but wouldn’t budge on a few specific points, most notably Cuomo’s wish to prohibit any smoking of the drug.

The act would ban smoking for anyone under the age of 21, but that’s not enough for Cuomo. He wants the drug to be administered only through a vaporizer, edible form, or oil. Savino’s response is quoted in the New York Times: “Smoking needs to be an option for people. And we’re going to hold to that.” Smoking is the fastest way of ingesting marijuana, and will quickly help with the nausea associated with chemotherapy.

The legislative session ends tomorrow, so we’ll know soon whether Savino and her supporters are able to come to a compromise with Gov. Cuomo.

Traveling further south, Republican Governor of Florida Rick Scott signed two bills on Monday called “Charlotte’s Web,” legalizing strains of marijuana high in CBD (“non-euphoric”) to treat conditions like epilepsy, cancer, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Additionally, a broader medical marijuana referendum will be up for vote in Florida this November. According to the LA Times, if the state approves it, Florida will be the first in the Southeast to do it and could become the biggest market outside of California.

You know, guys…we’re just rooting for compassionate care for everyone.

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