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March Madness: First Round of Eliminations!

March Madness: First Round of Eliminations!

Round 1, Part 1 of March Madness Stoner Style sees a few CLASSIC movies eliminated…
First, we saw Half Baked up against Super Troopers.

Half Baked is an amazing stoner movie, it truly is. But do you know how it ends? SPOILER ALERT – one Mary Jane sticks around for main character Thurgood (Dave Chappelle), and the other does not. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch! But next to Super Troopers, it just didn’t make the cut.

With its victory, Super Troopers prepares for the next round – but will it be challenging Cheech & Chong, or Jay & Silent Bob? Either way, it’s bringing with it its best characteristics:

  1. THE CAST! The same guys who brought you Beerfest and Slammin’ Salmon can do no wrong.
  2. Cop shenanigans. We need some cops to root for.
  3. This scene:

Next, we’ve got Pineapple Express defeating This is the End.
This was a tough choice, because they are both legit fantastic movies with some of our favorite players – James Franco and Seth Rogen. Plus, while these movies are similar in tone, This is the End features an incredible cast of characters, all hilarious, and a million cameos. But in the end, Pineapple Express won out as more appropriately labelled as a “STONER” comedy.

Third, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle absolutely CRUSHED Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, pitting it against Pineapple Express in the second round. We’re not going to explain this one, because we think you’ll probably understand. But if not, feel free to make your case.

And finally…The Big Lebowski took down Grandma’s Boy. This was admittedly a sad pairing, because we feel that Grandma’s Boy deserves to go further. At the same time, The Big Lebowski is considered by many to BE the Ultimate Stoner Movie, and for good reason. Its cinematic perfection is rivaled only by a few, and we’re excited to see if it will truly maintain its status throughout the tournament.

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