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Marijuana Fact or Fiction?

Marijuana Fact or Fiction?

Since January 2nd, when the Daily Currant posted a hilariously snarky article about the first day of marijuana legalization in Colorado, a flood of comments and response articles have hit the web regarding its accuracy. Sarcasm is hard sometimes, we know.

The Daily Currant article joked that we made a terrible mistake, with marijuana overdoses responsible for the deaths of 37 people alone on the first day of legalization. Other than the fact that no one NOT ONE PERSON has ever died of a marijuana overdose, the dead giveaway that the Daily Currant was just doing their thang – makin’ jokes – was the reference to Jesse Bruce Pinkman, a former meth dealer from Albuquerque who had recently moved to Boulder establish a legal marijuana dispensary. Damn! And just when we thought Jesse was clean…

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good Breaking Bad reference?

Unfortunately, jokes are a lot less funny when you have to explain them.

But since we’re on the topic…the Drug Policy Alliance has provided 10 facts about marijuana on their website that we think are worth sharing here. That so many people thought the article in the Daily Currant was the real deal tells us that we still have a long way to go in educating the public about marijuana use. You’ll find the 10 facts below, but please visit the website to read more about their research and how they reached these conclusions.

  1. Most marijuana users never use any other illicit drug.

  2. Most people who use marijuana do so occasionally. Increasing admissions for treatment do not reflect increasing rates of clinical dependence.

  3. Claims about increases in marijuana potency are vastly overstated. In addition, potency is not related to risk of dependence of health impacts.

  4. Marijuana has not been shown to cause mental illness.

  5. Marijuana use has not been shown to increase risk of cancer.

  6. Marijuana has been proven helpful for treating the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions.

  7. Marijuana use rates in the Netherlands are similar to those in the United States despite very different policies.

  8. Marijuana has not been shown to cause long-term cognitive impairment.

  9. There is no compelling evidence that marijuana contributes substantially to traffic accidents and fatalities.

  10. Roughly three quarters of a million people are arrested for marijuana each year, the vast majority of them for simple possession.

There. Now go help educate your friends and families!

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