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Marijuana is Murder

Marijuana is Murder

Last month, Governor Rick Perry linked marijuana legalization to MURDER, and warned that decriminalizing the drug would send the message that it’s okay. Apparently he doesn’t want to join the “marijuana parade.” Sigh. Buzzkill.

So what are other states up to? New poll results are popping up all over the place in preparation for 2014 and 2016 elections. Let’s check ‘em out.

Arizona: After a poll of 701 adult heads of household in Arizona, 51% said the drug should be made available for recreational use. If the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) gets their way, maybe we’ll see legalization in Arizona in 2016.

California: We thought California might be ready to legalize this year. It’s the hippie state, after all. But backers of the Control, Regulate and Tax Marijuana Act said they’ve stopped gathering signatures to put the measure on the ballot this year. They want to wait to put more pieces in place and “do it right” rather than “do it fast.”

Minnesota: A new Star Tribune Minnesota poll shows 51% of the state in favor of legalization for medicinal use, but still 63% in opposition to legalization for recreational use. Come on, Minnesota, what else is there to do up there?

Missouri: A recent poll commissioned by Show-Me Cannabis found that only 45% of likely voters in the November 2014 elections would vote favorably for marijuana legalization. But there is better news!  When 2016 likely voters were included, support for legalization grew to 52%.

New York: New Yorkers really want their pot to be legalized, according to a poll from Quinnipiac University. 88% of state voters support legalizing medical marijuana, and 57% support complete legalization of the drug in reasonable amounts. Unfortunately the governor isn’t as excited as his citizens. Kind of like us.

So, who will be next to legalize? “Johnny Green” at The Weed Blog thinks Alaska and Oregon. Alaska is the only state so far to have a marijuana legalization initiative on their ballot this year, and they’ll be voting on it in August. Oregon is trying to gather signatures now for two ballot initiatives which seem to be gaining some momentum, so he predicts we’ll see legalization there as well. But only time will tell!

Are you involved in any legalization efforts here locally? Let us know! Contact us on Facebook, in the Comment section, or at either of our locations.

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