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Mercury Madness

Mercury Madness

Do you believe that the movement of the planets can affect the happenings in our daily lives? Take Mercury, for instance. Three or four times a year, Mercury slows down and appears to stop and move backwards. It isn’t really moving backwards, but it does slow down significantly, and many people (people who don’t even believe in “this kind of thing”!) believe its retrograde impacts us.

We’re currently coming to the end of one of these retrogrades – one of the most intense weeks being THIS week. According to astrologers, Mercury rules over communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel. That’s why during the retrograde, people claim they experience strange travel delays and mix-ups with contracts and communication. Everything seems foggy, and as Mercury gets back to its normal pace, the air seems to clear.

Whether or not Mercury is really affecting us, we have you covered with coping mechanisms here at The Glass House!

During the retrograde, we recommend the following survival tips:

  1. Mind the glass! Mishaps and broken glass aren’t unheard of during this time. Of course, if you need new glass, we can help you out. But we’d prefer you not break yours in the first place!
  2. Take it easy. This isn’t a time for finalizing huge changes or signing contracts. If you have travel plans, add a little wiggle room for delay. Use this time to give yourself physical and emotional rest, especially with a little help from our friends – essential oils, shisha, and tobacco. A little toke goes a long way.
  3. Spend time with the ones you love. Communication might be hard during this time, and arguments may develop over stupid shit. The best remedy? Come together over a glass pipe or a hookah. There’s nothing like the peace pipe to make you forget what you were fighting about in the first place.
  4. Stargaze. I mean, why not? Toking and stargazing are two activities that go together like a fat kid and cake. Let Mercury’s movements remind you that there is an entire universe out there – and many, many universes beyond it. Any hiccups in your day, week, or month will never change the fact that you are made of stardust.

Whatever you believe, stop by the Glass House and let us help you out with all your smoking and toking needs!

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